Last Resort is the twenty-second mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. The player must destroy the Dragonet-class submarine Folkvangr and defend Saint Ark from attack.


Emergency! An enemy submarine has just surfaced on the eastern waters of Saint Ark. It's the second Dragonet-class nuclear sub that Allied HQ was going after, Folkvangr. Folkvangr is equipped with an advanced submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), but it can't be launched from underwater. The fact that Folkvangr has surfaced means it's preparing to launch its SLBM. It may be targeting Saint Ark. Now that it's lost the city, it plans on obliterating it along with the Allied Forces. The Folkvangr is equipped with an advanced SLBM which uses A.I. technology that allows it to change directions in midflight, much like a fighter aircraft. Once it's launched, it'll be nearly impossible to shoot down. We can't let them do this! Phoenix, destroy the Folkvangr![1]


The mission's primary target is the Folkvangr submarine. Destroying it advances the mission.

Once the Folkvangr is destroyed, it will launch its SLBM, which is a primary target. The player cannot lock on to the SLBM and must shoot it down with their Machine Gun. Destroying it completes the mission.

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S Rank

Complete the mission in 0:45 or less.


Rebel submarine and SLBM have been destroyed. There was a moment where I was worried, but you pulled through, just as I thought. I look forward to the day that you touch down at Saint Ark Airport. You'll be reborn a hero that day. But before that happens, we need you to partake in one final mission. The enemy's elite officers have escaped and gathered at a fortress.[1]


  • The music track that plays before the Folkvangr is destroyed is Dead End from the Ace Combat 2 soundtrack. This track plays in the same section of this mission in Ace Combat 2.
  • Ghost Hacking, the track that plays when the cruise missile is fired, could refer to the name of the EW weapon the cruise missile uses to not be locked onto.