All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Leasath Army is a land-based branch of Leasath Armed Forces that was active during the 2020 Aurelian War.


Leasath possessed a large and powerful army, it was equipped with a mixture of modern and older weapon systems. Besides the regular army, there were also three Leasath special forces units: Skylla, Miller and Hamlet. The Leasath Army was involved in the country's civil war and later saw action against its southern neighbor country, Aurelia. The Leasath Army was victorious in swiftly achieving power over Aurelia, with its military forces quickly collapsed. It was only when the top Aurelian Air Force pilot "Gryphus One" appeared, the Leasath Army soon met its defeat and feared the Southern Cross as their nemesis for destroying the airborne fortress Gleipnir.