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"We'll be risking our necks out here with you. Let's take back Port Patterson!"
Major Bergman

The Liberation of Port Patterson was an operation carried out by Aurelian forces to liberate the vital Port Patterson.[1]


After the loss of Puna Base to Aurelian forces, Leasath decided to send in reinforcements via shipping routes at sea. Thus, Port Patterson became a strategic hub for their operations. Aurelian planners decided the time is ripe to take it back.[1]


To prevent the arrival of Leasath reinforcements by sea, Gryphus Squadron was deployed to sink the fleet before the port's defenses were reinforced. The squadron worked in conjunction with ground forces commander Bergman to sink the enemy vessels.[1]


Port Paterson, the first major city of Aurelia, was retaken from Leasath, providing Aurelian forces with much-needed supplies and a vital area to station their ships for future offensives. Nevertheless, Leasath did not lose interest with the port and soon planned a recapture operation of their own to try and cut Aurelia's supply lines.[1][2]


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