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For the rebellion that took place in 1997–1998, see Usean coup d'état. For the conflict that took place in 2003–2005, see Continental War.
"It's difficult to say which side pulled the trigger first."

The Lighthouse War,[a] also known as the Second Continental War[b] or Second Usean Continental War,[7][8] was a conflict between the countries of Osea and Erusea. It is the main focus of the story campaign in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


In the early 2010s, Osea, with former President Vincent Harling spearheading the effort, reached an agreement with the various Usean nations for the construction of the International Space Elevator in the Gunther region to supply energy to countries on the continent devastated by Ulysses 1994XF04 and the Continental War of 2003-2005. As part of the agreement, Osean military and IUN forces in the form of aircraft and naval warships were stationed on the continent to protect the structure. The Arsenal Bird aerial warships were also developed for this purpose and deployed to the airspace surrounding the elevator.[12]

Start of War

In May 2019, Erusea declared war on Osea and seized the Space Elevator soon after Erusean MQ-99 drones, shipped to Osea in shipping containers, launched and attacked naval ports in Aulick, St. Hewlett, Bana City, and Oured, crippling the majority of Osea's naval forces. Simultaneously, Erusean bombers attacked bases all across Usea as far east as Fort Grays Island.[13]

At the onset of hostilities, the Osean Maritime Defense Force launched a strike against the Erusean capital of Farbanti, dealing severe damage to the city.[3]

The Eruseans used the sympathy to further their hold on the Space Elevator and the rest of the Usean contienent. When an IUN task force arrived to take back the Space Elevator under Operation Dual Wielder, the Eruseans activated the Arsenal Birds and wiped out most of the IUN forces. Only a few squadrons and ships survived the battle unscathed. A second air raid on Farbanti from the Kestrel II also failed when the carrier is sunk.[2]

Shifting Fortunes

Despite Erusea successfully repelling all IUN counterattacks, the IUN managed to retain a hold in southeast Usea. A series of attacks launched by Spare Squadron, an Osean penal unit based at Zapland, helped cripple Erusean air defenses and logistics. Eventually, the Oseans grouped several surviving squadrons as well as transfers from Spare into the Long Range Strategic Strike Group. The LRSSG would launch a surprise attack on Erusean naval forces at Snider's Top,[14] decimating Erusea's naval power, and gradually turning the tide. The LRSSG would defend Stonehenge in an Osean effort to use it to destroy the Arsenal Bird Liberty,[15] prevent Erusea from launching IRBMs,[16] and aided in the capture of an airbase at Cape Rainy.[17] These efforts helped IUN forces lay siege to Farbanti.[18]

End of the War

With the imminent loss of Farbanti, Erusean hardliners hacked Osean satellites and in response, Osea fired anti-satellite missiles with Erusea retaliating. The end result is a total blackout of the satellite and information network all across the globe and anarchy soon ensued across the entire Usean continent. The LRSSG would help shepherd Osean forces to safety[19] as Erusea's government collapsed, fracturing between Radicals who wanted to continue the war, Conservatives who wanted to seek a negotiated truce or shut down Erusean UCAV capabilities, and breakaway regions who declared independence.[20]

In a last-ditch effort to continue the war, Erusean radicals sought to activate a series of programs that would continually produce UCAVs based at the ISEV and other locations. However, a rag-tag collection of Osean forces and civilian refugees, including Princess Rosa Cossette D'Elise stumbled on them while seeking refuge. When it became realized that the UCAVs were failing to respond to Erusean instructions, EASA personnel joined the Princess and the Oseans to call for aid in shutting down the factories.[21] A coalition of surviving Osean and Erusean forces joined to face Erusean radicals, who deployed the Arsenal Bird Justice and two ADF-11F Raven UCAVs in an effort to continue the war. Despite heavy losses, the coalition destroyed both the Justice and the Raven UCAVs, forcing the Erusean radicals to stand down.[22]

After the war, the International Space Elevator returned to IUN control. However, as fighting continued, especially as Erusea's breakaway regions struggled to assert their independence, Osea allowed Rosa Cossette D'Elise to form a provisional government based at the Elevator to help maintain the efforts towards space development and aiding refugees who continued to seek refuge.[11]



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