Following is the list of aircraft weapons featured in the Ace Combat series.

Basic Missile and Special Missile weapons

Abbr. Full name Function Notes
GUN Autocannon, Gatling Cannon, Revolver Cannon Basic flurry of fast bullets from a gun on the aircraft. Comes with all aircraft. Weak, but has a fast rate of fire and much ammo Has the highest average amount of ammo out of all weapons. Most planes carry from 700-900 bullets, though it used up quickly
MSSL Missile Basic Air-to-Air/Air-to-Ground missile that comes with all types of aircraft. Codenamed "FOX 2". the number of missiles varies per aircraft and Difficulty
SAAM Semi-active Air-to-Air Missile Hits the air target as long as it remains in the SAAM Reticule Codenamed "FOX 1" for its semi-tracking capabilities and highly-accuracy lock onto air target
XLAA Advanced Long-ranged Air-to-Air Missile Locks onto up to four targets within a long range Codenamed "FOX 3" for its fire-and-forget capabilities

Advanced Medium-ranged Air-to-Air Missile

Advanced Medium-ranged Air-to-Air Missile-4

XMA6 Advanced Medium-ranged Air-to-Air Missile-6 Same as XMAA/XMA4 but it locks onto to six air targets within a medium range Codenamed "FOX 3" for its fire-and-forget capabilities; featured only in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
QAAM Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile Remains on a target's 6 o'clock until it impacts or the target evades it Extremely accurate compared to basic missiles; extremely powerful in Ace Combat 04 but weakened for balance since Ace Combat 5

Air-to-Ground weapons

Unguided Bomb

Name Full name Function Notes
NPB Napalm Bomb Impacts on a small radius, straight line flame blast
UGB Unguided Bomb Impacts a small blast radius and less blast damage In Ace Combat 04, it is called UGBS for its small detonation radius and blast damage
UGBS Unguided Bomb (Small)
UGBM Unguided Bomb (Medium) Impacts a medium blast radius and medium blast damage Featured only in Ace Combat 04
UGBL Unguided Bomb (Large) Impacts on a larger blast radius and high blast damage
RCL Rocket Launcher Impacts on a target as long as it stays in the RCL Reticule Slightly ineffective if the ground targets aren't spread out. In Ace Combat 6, the rockets are far more accurate, instead of dropping on a 75 degree angle in a straight line
FAEB Fuel Air-Explosive Bomb Detonates on a larger blast radius, massive explosion damage
BDSP Bomblets Dispenser Bomb Drops bomblets in a straight line and medium blast damage
SFFS Self-Forging Fragmentation Submunitions Bomb Drops precise bomblets. Very and more effective if dropped from a sufficient and precise altitude
CLB Cluster Bomb Drops multiple bomblets for area-of-effect damage


Abbr. Full name Function Notes
LASM Long-ranged Air-to-Surface Missile Impacts on a ground target within a long range
LAGM Long-ranged Air-to-Ground Missile Impacts on a ground target within a long range
XAGM Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile Locks onto up to four ground targets
SOD Stand Off Dispenser Drops cluster bomblets using missile instead of impacting it like Bomblets Dispenser
GPB Guided Penetration Bomb Impacts on a guided range within 2000 ft from ground target and high damage In Ace Combat 04, it is called Precision Guided Bomb (PGB) but locks on at 1,400 feet while other series was 2000 ft

Unique special weapons

These weapons are unique and special to certain aircraft and super fighter.
Name Full name Function Notes
ECMP Electronic Counter Measure Pod Jams enemy missile tracking capabilities and enemy radars within the range of ECMP This weapon is the only weapon that can confuse the AA Defense System in Ace Combat 5; the non-playable ADFX-02 Morgan's ECMP can emit high-frequency waves that jam the missile tracking systems from behind without firing it head-on, and can deflect any kind of projectile weapon fired at it
TLS Tactical Laser System Fires a devastating laser beam in a straight line and can instantly destroy any air and ground target on all range Unique to the ADF-01 Falken and ADFX-01/02 Morgan prototypes; similar systems were incorporated into the Belkan Excalibur in 1995 and Osean Arkbird in 2010
MPBM Multi-Purpose Burst Missile Aircraft-portable ballistic burst missile. Explodes in a massive blast radius, burst upon impact Unique to the ADFX-01 Morgan; has a long reloading phase; incorporated to the Yuktobanian Scinfaxi-class submarines in 2010
LSWM Long-Range Shock Wave Missile Detonates a colossal shockwave, with a massive shock wave blast radius and massive damage Donwsized yet equally powerful version of the Gleipnir's SWBM (Shock Wave Ballistic Missile). Unique to the Fenrir. Only 2 missiles were loaded onboard the Fenrir. (Lowest reserve capacity for an aircrafts Special Weapon in AC.)
ADMM All-Direction Multi-Purpose Missile Shoots 12 agile warheads at 12 enemies within the lock on range Slightly more accurate than the QAAM. Has a long reloading phase. Unique to the CFA-44 Nosferatu
EML Electromagnetic Launcher

Uses an electromagnetic launcher to fire a solid

powerful metal slug at a straight line ||

Unique to the CFA-44 Nosferatu



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