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"Trigger, your call sign is Strider 1. You'll be leading Strider Squadron. Count, you'll be Cyclops 2. You'll be under Cyclops 1."
AWACS Long Caster

The Long Range Strategic Strike Group (長距離戦略打撃群 Chō Kyori Senryaku Dageki-gun), shortened to LRSSG (ロングレンジ部隊 Rongu Renji Butai), was a clandestine Osean military unit formed during the Lighthouse War in 2019. The unit was comprised of the Strider Squadron and Cyclops Squadron with AWACS Long Caster acting as the AWACS for the unit.

The LRSSG's goal was to circumvent the front lines and perform long-range strikes aiming at ending the war as quickly as possible.[2] After the fall of Farbanti and the death of Édouard Labarthe, the LRSSG operated under no direct orders from Osean command due to the lack of satellite communication.[3]


On August 10, 2019, the Osean Defense Forces formed the Long Range Strategic Strike Group, in hopes of bringing a swift end to the Lighthouse War.[4]