"They're throwing some heavy shit at us, Captain!"
Lt. Nicholas, "Red Moon"

Lt. Nicholas was an operative of the Delta Force, who fought during the East Africa insurgence in late 2015.


SRN insurgence

The search for Major Illich

Lt. Nicholas first saw action in the 2015 East Africa conflict during a siege in an SRN hideout, wherein several Delta Force troops would be deployed to surround a large building where Russian pilot Sergei Illich, who was held as a prisoner of war after being shot down during a raid on the main forward base of Task Force 108 in the region. Nicholas and his soldiers were deployed by the Nomad Squadron, and fought their way through the war-torn streets of the city as the Shooter Squadron cleared the city of infantry and vehicles. During this time, Nicholas commanded the team Bravo 2.

Assault on Mogadiyu

A day later, in December 23, Nicholas and the Delta Force deployed on a mission in the region of Mogadiyu, with the objective of finding and destroying underground facilities used to store Trinity warheads. After completing their objective and returning to the Blackhawks, SRN anti-air weaponry hit the NATO helicopters, forcing all choppers to flee. In the heat of battle, Nicholas stayed behind, looking for one of his soldiers, only to find him dead. Without a chance of evacuation, Lt. Nicholas fled from the insurgents as AC-130U gunship Spooky 01 provided cover. In order to evacuate the lieutenant, the Spooky deployed its Fulton recovery system. After Nicholas got himself on the balloon, Spooky 01 tried to snag it, only to be hit by a crosswind. The aircraft made a second pass, descending towards the ballon at high speed, successfully snatching it. With the lieutenant on board, the AC-130 returned to base.