"Today is a day of hope. A day in which tension between different countries will be greatly reduced."
― Radio broadcaster[1]

Lumen is a large city located in southern North Osea (formerly South Belka), northeast of Rutherford and southeast of the Great Lakes. The city is mentioned several times in Ace Combat Zero, but never appears in-game.


Belkan War[]

Lumen was initially situated in Belka's southernmost territories, several hundred kilometers away from the foreign borders to the west and east. However, after Belka sold the Great Lakes region and its western territories to the Osean Federation in late 1991, Lumen found itself situated near the border of Osea.[2]

During the Belkan War, many South Belkan citizens became increasingly dissatisfied with their nation's use of South Belka as a "buffer" between Nord Belka and the Allied Forces; it is possible that Lumen was one of the Belkan cities to declare itself demilitarized and peacefully surrender to the Allies.[3]

Peace accords signing ceremony[]

After Belka suffered the horrific events of June 6, 1995, Lumen was chosen as the site of the peace-treaty signing that officially ended the Belkan War. The June 20 signing ceremony took place in a city plaza surrounded by Allied tanks. Various news reporting agencies were present in Lumen to provide live coverage of the historic event. That day, dignitaries and representatives from the combatant nations ratified an agreement that called for the disarmament of Belka and the international reduction of nuclear armaments.[1]

A World With No Boundaries bombing[]

Sometime after the treaty's signing, Belka ceded its southern territories to Osea, and Lumen was consequently incorporated into the Federation. Over six months later, on December 25, Lumen was attacked by the XB-0 Hresvelgr gunship, which had been seized at some point by A World With No Boundaries forces.[4] The coup d'état forces bombed the city to protest nations' use of war for territorial gains.[5]




  1. There is no known canon name for this subject.