For the drones that support the CFA-44 Nosferatu, see UAV-45.

"For a remote-control drone, that thing's attacks are way too lethal."

The MQ-90L Quox bis is a laser-equipped variant of the MQ-90 Quox, an unmanned combat drone developed by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force in the Infinity universe.


Development blueprints of the MQ-90L

The MQ-90L's design is almost identical to that of the MQ-90. It features a tailless W-wing aerodynamic design based on the ASF-X Shinden II. Its wings are capable of retracting and extending to modify its maneuverability.[2]

Unlike the MQ-90, the MQ-90L does not feature advanced GPS technology for navigation. It was replaced with a satellite communications relay that bounces off of the QFA-44 Camilla; the QFA-44 can therefore take direct control of the MQ-90L.[3] A Tactical Laser System sits above the nose, which can attack enemy targets or defend the QFA-44 from enemy fire. This TLS unit is equipped with a visual identification system that recognizes pilots' flight helmets. It only activates in close proximity in order to kill enemy pilots after bailing out.[1]


Sometime in the late 2010s, a number of MQ-90s were stolen.[4] A selection of these were upgraded to MQ-90Ls. They were first used during the USEA Federation's invasion of Tokyo against Bone Arrow Squadron and Ridgeback Squadron. They shot down a number of UNF aircraft, including Slash, who managed to eject but was killed by the visual ID system on the MQ-90Ls' TLS units.[1]

The MQ-90Ls later appeared during Operation Battle Axe to support the QFA-44 against the UNF squadrons in Area B7R, Nevada.[3] They then supported all QFA-44 units that were used against the UNF in all USEA-held territories during Operation Eternal Liberation.



  • The MQ-90L's TLS unit bears a visual resemblance to that of the ADFX-01 and ADFX-02 Morgan models, on a smaller scale.