Mante is a city in far eastern Emmeria, it is located just west of the border with Estovakia.[1]


Early history

Mante appears on antiquated world maps, implying the city is centuries old.[2]

Republic of Anea Initiative

In the 21st century, there was an initiative to unite all three countries located on the continent of Anea into one republic. In 2004, the Preparatory Agency for the Republic of Anea was founded and they were tasked with moving the initiative forward. The agency went so far as to even name Mante as the capital city for this new republic.[3]

However, as a result of continual fighting and unrest due to the civil war in Estovakia, the conceptual republic never came to fruition. By 2015, the three countries of Emmeria, Estovakia and Nordennavic reverted to being recognised as separate entities.[4]

Emmeria-Estovakia War

Emmeria-Estovakia War Report

The area around Mante is invaded

Shortly after the Invasion of Gracemeria, Estovakian forces quickly pushed into Emmerian territory and began securing most of the continent. The territory where Mante is located was also occupied by Estovakia after the Emmerians lost Gracemeria.[5] Mante was once again under Emmerian control by the time the war came to an end.[4]



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