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Marcela Vasquez[a], TAC Name "Macarena", was a mercenary pilot of the Sapin Air Forces 11th Tactical Fighter Squadron and later part of the A World With No Boundaries in the Belkan War.


Marcela was born in the Sapinish capital city of Gran Rugido. She lost her parents to warfare, and in vengeance she became a mercenary and met Alberto Lopez.[1]

She became Alberto's wingman as Espada 2 in the Sapin Air Force. It was said that her light moves as a supporting wingman complemented Alberto's intimidating maneuvers, as if the two were dancing in the air.[1]

Espada Team fought against the Belkan forces and achieved outstanding results. Throughout the battles Marcela's reason to fight changed from personal vengeance to following her flight lead wherever he went. The two eventually came into frequent contact with Osean Air Defense Force's Joshua Bristow, and with Alberto showing enthusiasm for Joshua's "ideal armed force" notion, Marcela followed Alberto and deserted the air force on October 18.[2]

On December 25, Espada Team was tasked to escort the XB-0 Hresvelgr after the latter conducted bombing on Lumen and Valais Air Base. Marcela and Alberto intercepted Galm Team that was in pursuit of the XB-0, but were ultimately shot down.[3]

At the end, Alberto died leaving Marcela behind[note 1]. Marcela returned to Gran Rugido and made a living as a dancer in an unnamed bar.[1] On October 28, 2005, she was interviewed by Brett Thompson, an Osean Broadcasting Corporation reporter doing a story on the Belkan War while searching for the mysterious Galm 1.



If the Demon Lord hadn't appeared, our lives might have been different. For me, it wasn't about flying or ideals. Most of all, it was about him; My flight lead. Our mission was to escort the heavy command cruiser that was to act as transportation for the organization. And the Demon Lord appeared, as if to block our paths. I will never forget his overwhelming power. One-by-one, my comrades were shot down, and then the mother bird we were supposed to protect...

  • (Knight Path) We survived after the fight. We left our organization and returned to the ground together. But, those whose hearts are in the sky will always return to the sky. He was one of them, and so he left, even though his wounds had yet to heal. And he died there, never to return to me...
  • (Soldier Path)...We survived after the fight. We left our organization and returned to the ground together. But, he was heavily wounded. He soon passed away, leaving me behind. We were only able to spend a short time together in peace and quiet....
  • (Mercenary Path) ...I returned alive from that battlefield. And I returned to this city, where I grew up. I left the organization too. I never went back to the sky again. There's no meaning there now that he's gone. He died in that fight...

...But I don't blame anyone. The regret and suffering that remained after that battle were also what he had given me. They're among the precious few things he left behind.


  • During the interview, a tank with pigeons on the cannon can be seen through the window of the bar.



  1. Marcela Vasquez (マルセラ・バスケス Marusera Basukesu)
  1. Alberto's fate depends on the player's Ace Style in The Talon of Ruin. For details see Alberto Lopez § Fate


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