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Martinez Security was a private military company that appeared in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


Although the previous history of Martinez Security is unknown, it was a major private military company formed in the 21st century, being one of the most recognized entities in the field.

Martinez's forces were divided into several military branches, including a ground branch, a naval branch, and an air force division, and this aerial division is large enough to necessitate the use of AWACS operators.

The workforce of the company was composed of agents and employees from various countries, including the United States, Japan, Sweden and the United Kingdom. A number of members were also former professional soldiers from various countries.

Valahia Crisis

Years after the economic crisis in the late 2000s, Martinez Security was approached by the United States Armed Forces to conduct a joint military show with the U.S. Navy Seventh Fleet and Japan Self-Defense Forces in the Pacific Ocean, near the Midway Island before the first engagement with the Valahia, when unknown aerial raiding forces were detected on radar.

After the Balaur's first attack by the Spiridus in Tokyo, both Antares and Rigel Squadrons joined up with the J-SDF to defend Japan from Valahia's attacks. During the operation, Rigel Squadron defected to the Valahia before the Orgoi's destruction at the hands of Antares. After defending Japan, Martinez Security joined with the other PMCs to form the International Union Peacekeeping Force, which was created by Andre Olivieri.

After the formation of the IUPF, Martinez Security proceeded to combat the Valahia forces in Egypt, Croatian Adriatic Sea and the Middle East when Antares Squadron rescued an officer working for the International Insurance Auditing Organization named Mr. Leblanc, before dealing a massive blow to the Valahia by destroying the Spiridus in London, which they had been chasing since Tokyo.

After the destruction of the Spiridus, Antares Squadron proceeded to target the stand-alone Balaur and destroyed the enemy fortress in Romania, a large radar site in Serbia, and prevented the Valahia forces from getting nuclear fuel for their missiles that they planned to launch towards the U.S. and Europe, pushing them back to their headquarters in Central Asia.

Finally, Martinez Security infiltrated the old missile silo the Valahia had seized and destroyed the control center from the inside, killing Nicolae Dumitrescu in the process and subsequently dismantled the Valahia. The Golden Axe Plan crisis started after the destruction of the Valahia's headquarters. The M42 Squadron learned of the Golden Axe Plan from Varcolac Squadron during the battle over the silo's airspace. Following the mission, the M42 Squadron left the IUPF to stop Olivieri's plan.

Golden Axe Plan Crisis

As Antares Squadron and Canopus were making repair and refueling efforts in the Midway Island, the Golden Axe Plan Private Army deployed three Orgois and MiG-29 Fulcrums to take out the M42 Squadron because they knew the truth about the GA Plan. Despite those overwhelming odds, Antares destroyed all of the airborne carriers and their escorts.

Antares Squadron initiated a joint assault on the abandoned airport in Sierra Mountains and the new Spiridus in Lake Tahoe. The new Spiridus was equipped with a unique electromagnetic radiation, protecting the Hi-TASM launch ports from air attacks. Ground units from Martinez Security attacked the airport and used its missile facility to fire powerful missiles to disable READS, giving Antares an opportunity to destroy the launch ports. Both the new Spiridus and the missile facility were destroyed after an intense fighting.

Finally, Antares Squadron headed to San Francisco to stop the remnant forces of the Private Army from attacking the city. Then, the U.S. Navy's Third Fleet Commander Davis provided backup and Antares Squadron destroyed all Golden Axe Plan forces. However, Varcolac Squadron arrived in their new super fighters, GAF-1 Varcolac. Varcolac Squadron attempted to shoot down Antares, but to no avail. After a long battle, Antares took out the entire Varcolac Squadron, as well as Sulejmani after an extensive personal engagement. Then, Antares destroyed the underground data center at the Olivieri Life Insurance headquarters, killing Olivieri himself in the process.

The Golden Axe Plan crisis ended with the destruction of the underground data center and the details of the GA Plan being seized and exposed to the public.


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