"Go dance with an angel, mister!"
― Matilda speaking to a reporter

Matilda Herman (マチルダ·ハーマン Machiruda Hāman) was an Emmerian civilian during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. Her actions at the war's end assisted the Emmerian Air Force in destroying the Chandelier weapon.


Matilda was born to Melissa Herman and her husband in 2006, presumably in the Republic of Emmeria. While Matilda's father, a pilot of the Emmerian Air Force, was usually out on his job, she and her mother lived peacefully and comfortably in a rich district of Gracemeria.[1]

It became an inside joke within the family that Matilda's father would refer to fighter planes as "angels," and when he'd go off on a long-distance mission her mother would tell him in frustration to "go dance with his angels." Matilda grew up hearing this and started to use it as a goodbye.[2]

On the morning of August 30, 2015, Matilda left with the rest of her class on a school field trip to see the Golden King in the old quarter of Gracemeria. After they arrived, the King's Bridge was destroyed by Estovakian forces who had begun an invasion of the city. At some point, the children were separated from their teacher(s). They stole the statue of the Golden King and hid in the secret underground tunnels of the castle where the statue was displayed.[2]

At least a day after the city fell to Estovakian forces, Matilda was outside and encountered an Estovakian reporter who asked her if she wanted to say anything over the air. She told him to "go dance with the angels" and punched him. After this, the phrase became a phrase of hope among the Emmerian forces.[2]

Some time later, the children with Matilda had stolen Lieutenant Colonel Victor Voychek's briefcase. He followed them all the way to the underground tunnels, where he was trapped with them after ancient trap doors activated due to Estovakian demolitions in the area.[2]

After Voychek got to know the children, he befriended Matilda and the others. When Gracemeria was liberated, Sergeant Louis McKnight and his tank crew managed to blast their way into their hiding place, and helped them escape with the Golden King statue, which now sat on the tank. They rolled it through the city, where Matilda was reunited with her mother.[2]

The next day, after Ludmila Tolstaya managed to convince Voychek to reveal the Estovakians' plan to destroy Gracemeria with the Chandelier, she assisted her mother in sending the data to the Emmerian pilots as they approached the weapon. She especially advised them on a backup cooling unit that would continue to assist the weapon even if the rest of the cooling units were destroyed.[2]

After the war was over, she met with Marcus Lampert, one of the Emmerian pilots responsible for the Chandelier's destruction, at her and her mother's home.[2]



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