"My husband is an Air Force pilot, and refers to fighter planes as 'angels'. When he'd go to a mission that kept him away from home, I'd tell him in frustration to go dance with his angels."
Melissa Herman

Melissa Herman's husband was an unnamed Emmerian Air Force fighter pilot married to Melissa Herman.


The two met at some point in their lives and eventually married, giving birth to their daughter Matilda. Both lived in their house in Gracemeria, from where they witnessed Ulysses 1994XF04's impact in July 1999.[1]

Accustomed to undertaking long-term missions, he used to call aircraft "angels", leading Melissa to sarcastically tell him to "dance with his angels" whenever he sortied. He flew an F/A-18F Super Hornet adorned with nose art of an angelic figure named after his wife.[1]

In the opening of the Emmeria-Estovakia War, he was shot down during the Emmerian military's evacuation of Gracemeria. The remains of his jet were found by Melissa in a field while traveling with a group of refugees to west Emmeria, who recognized it by the angel on its side.[1] Estovakian forces eventually discovered and collected his remains, along with the aircraft, and published a classified report detailing the incident. Victor Voychek had obtained a copy of the report through unknown means, and gave it to Melissa after meeting her at the end of the war.[2]



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