MBSR-powered Meson Cannon beams

The Meson Beam Stabilizing Regulator (中間子ビーム安定化調整器),[1] or MBSR (エムビーエスアール),[1] was an experimental technology designed to assist the Atmos Ring. Aurelia designed the MBSR to increase the Atmos Ring's power production for Griswall. Leasath captured the technology and attempted to use it to enhance the Meson Cannons during the Aurelian War.


The Atmos Ring fires accelerated proton beams at ordinary materials to generate mesons; these mesons decay into muons, which the Atmos Ring can use for muon-catalyzed fusion. However, mesons and muons have a very short lifespan due to their instability (typical for subatomic particles). Because of this, muons used for power production and in the Meson Cannons only manifest in short bursts.[1]

The MBSR solves this problem by trapping the accelerated proton beams in a non-neutral plasma state away from the accelerator. The MBSR runs the proton beams through a "high energy charged particle condenser" (大エネルギー荷電粒子コンデンサー). These "enriched" protons can produce a steady beam of mesons, which decay into a steady beam of muons. The Atmos Ring can then use the muon beams to increase power output, and the Meson Cannons can fire them as a single pulse shot.[1]


XC-01 10

MBSR-powered laser weapon in an XC-01's cargo bay

Aurelian engineers at the Monte Breeze Industrial Area began designing MBSRs sometime by mid-2020 to support the Atmos Ring's power production. After Leasath forces invaded and captured most of Aurelia's territory, they seized the facility and the MBSRs.[1] Leasath also began transporting large quantities of supplies to Monte Breeze to further the MBSRs's development.[2]

Later in the war, Gryphus Squadron, having liberated Santa Elva and shot down the Gleipnir, began moving towards Griswall. An Aurelian recon team infiltrated Monte Breeze and discovered Leasath manufacturing a weapon and attempting to transport it to Griswall. Eugene Solano assembled Gryphus Squadron to shoot down the transports before they could exit the airspace. Leasath equipped the transports with MBSR-powered laser weapons, but Gryphus One overcame them and shot down all of the transports.[3][note 1] Leasath failed to transport any MBSRs, which meant the Meson Cannons could only fire burst shots in the battle of Griswall.[4][note 1]



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