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  • I live in HELL
  • I was born on May 30
  • I am
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  • As I said before, that was me. I manually fixed it while undoing your edit.

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  • Yeah, it's definitely a Cormorant. Got anywhere I can post the image for you? I'm on mobile so I can't do it myself.

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  • Hey there, I wanted to say thank you on your Message Wall for helping out to clean up our Air Combat information. But I realized you don't have an automated message to welcome you, so I looked in your contributions and you've apparently been here for years. :P So, thank you and welcome back to the wiki :D

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    • Well... All I can say is, get all A-ranks where you can. You might be able to save it.

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    • Well Good News I got the Delphinus Mk 3. And I even got the Erne. I did get more A Tanks then my first play through, allot more actually. My first play through I only got like three lol. But now everything’s good, turns out it wasn’t a glitch, just my plain stupidity. Thanks for your help though pal.....

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