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  • Hey there, you performed this edit on the nuclear weapon article in February 2013 saying that both Belka and Erusea had nuclear weapons. I was curious what you were using as a basis for mentioning Erusea.

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    • Hey! Was surprised to see this; this was years ago lol.

      But at the time I based it on the mission Breaking Arrows, as the last missile to be intercepted gave off a large explosion akin to a nuclear blast. Then again, it may also have been a burst missile. I feel like that was the original intent, but then AC5 introduced burst missiles and thus retconned said missile's type.

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    • Yeah :P I just wanted to make sure we weren't missing something. I think you might have been going off of what we had about the mission title being Breaking Arrows (implying nuclear war), but yeah AC5 pretty much retconned it into a ballistic missile.

      Thanks for helping me clear it up :D

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    • Yeah Breaking Arrows (or Broken Arrow) means a missing nuclear weapon, which may have been what the developers originally intended, then later games sort of retconned nuclear weapons into this exotic, rare thing.

      Stonehenge I think was originally supposed to fire miniature nuclear shells, but that was changed too. Dunno to be honest, it's been a while

      And no worries! Happy to help.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • If you're going to edit one page, please combine your changes into one single edit. Repeatedly editing the same page with minor changes is considered spamming.

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