All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The -- Air Division, -- Tactical Fighter Squadrom Messer is a Belkan Air Force airborne unit, involved in the infamous Belkan War.


Information on the Messer Squadron is relatively scarce. Their only known action during the Belkan War was their involvement in the Belka dissident clean-up mission, designated as Operation Broom.


Denis Von Weber

Leader pilot of the Messer formation. Survived an engagement with the 66th Air Force Unit Galm of the Ustian Air Force. Records from the Belka War prove the existence of an Ustio mercenary with the same name as Denis, however, further investigation is required to confirm that both pilots are the same individual.

Marco Favezza

Favezza is a graduate of the Kellerman Institution, a flight school of the BAF which has produced countless elite fighter pilots. Like several other Belkan soldiers, he refused to follow the disarmament procedure from the treaty of Lumen, and joined the Belkan dissidents at Anfang. He lost his life when engaging the Galm Team.


  • The word "Messer" is German for "Knife".