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The Mi-24 Hind is a dual-seat helicopter gunship developed by the Soviet Mil bureau. One of the first true gunships in warfare, it is one of the most famous military helicopters in service, having historically operated with over thirty nations.



Mi-24s first saw use by the Usean Rebel Forces in Ace Combat 2's depiction of the Usean coup d'état. However it did not appear in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.

The helicopter also saw use by the Erusean military during the Continental War.

Assault Horizon Universe[]

The Hinds were first used by the SRN during the rescue operation of Red Moon Squadron leader Sergei Illich. They were later destroyed by Shooter Squadron.[1]

During the New Russian Federation uprising, both the New Russian Federation and Loyalists forces operated Hinds. Osa Squadron, a Loyalist unit, operated the helicopter during the liberation of Moscow.[2]

Infinity Universe[]

The Mi-24 Hind has an attack chopper used heavily by the USEA Federation during its armed uprising, being deployed in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.[3]

Game analysis[]

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon[]

"An assault and attack helicopter that is a mainstay of the Russian Army. Highly durable because of its heavy armor, it is also appealing because of the abundance of weaponry loaded on board. The unique rounded shape of the nose is a notable feature and it is referred to by the NATO codename "Hind." In addition to anti-tank combat and close air support, it has a wide variety of uses including the transportation of military personnel and goods."

How to Unlock

Complete the single-player campaign. Unlocked with the PAK-FA.


  • Speed: High
  • Mobility: Poor
  • Stability: Poor
  • Fire Power: Medium
  • Defense: Medium



  • Color 1: Desert camouflage. Used by Hinds in Russian service.
  • Color 2: Black body with white frontal stripe. Used by NRF units.
  • Color 3: Gray zebra pattern used by Czech Republic Mi-35s.
  • SRN: white and brown camouflage.

Named Pilots


Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception[]

How to Unlock

This plane cannot be unlocked for use by the player.


Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies[]

How to Unlock

This plane cannot be unlocked for use by the player.


Ace Combat 2[]

How to Unlock

This plane cannot be unlocked for use by the player.



  • After an Mi-24 has been destroyed in Assault Horizon, one can inspect the wreckage up-close and see the canopy partly shattered and its interior covered in the pilots' blood.