Midnight Assassin is the sixth mission Ace Combat 2.


Our successive attacks have been effective at pushing the enemy’s front line, and they are now beginning to retreat. Just a while ago, reconnaissance caught sight of what seemed to be a fleeing unit. Take off immediately, and pin them down.

Target: The enemy E-767 early-vigilante plane unit

This is our first nighttime take-off. Unfortunately, the enemy is equipped with a jamming unit, so we expect radar effectiveness to be reduced. Don’t be taken by surprise, and be sure to watch your back!


The mission's sole objective is to shoot down the two E-767 and four F/A-18D, all of which are marked as TGT. The E-767's jamming renders player aircraft's radar largely ineffective in the mission, but the radar will restore functionality when both E-767 are shot down.

Enemy Lists[]

Standard Units[]

Unit Credits Count Other Notes
Icon-AirTGT E-767 15,000 2
Icon-AirTGT F/A-18D 4,000 4
Icon-AirEnemy A-6E Intruder 3,000 2
Icon-AirEnemy F-4 2,500 2

Special Units[]

Unit Credits Count Other Notes
Icon-AirEnemy F-117A "RAZORBACK" 15,000 2


  • Completion reward: 30,000 credits
  • Unlocks: MiG-29 (if player shoots down both RAZORBACK)