"A red aircraft? I've never seen a paintjob like that before."
Ulrich Olsen

Midnight Assassin is the seventh mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.


Enemy units spotted heading north over Meriton Highlands. In response to the Allied Forces' attacks, the rebels plan to pull back and reestablish the frontlines. Allied forces have been engaged in combat on all fronts, but due to enemy electronic warfare aircraft, they are struggling. They think they can use the cover of night to slip free of our attacks. Scarface Squadron will pursue all retreating units and destroy their electronic warfare aircraft. I'm afraid radar capabilities will be severely compromised due to the aircraft's jamming signal. You'll have to be even more diligent out there. [1]



The mission's primary targets are a pair of E-767 electronic warfare planes. They are accompanied by numerous escort fighters.

Mission Update[]

Once the two E-767s have been destroyed, a lone F-14D will spawn, piloted by Z.O.E. Damaging it enough will cause it to retreat. This ends the mission.

Enemy Lists[]

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S Rank[]

Complete the mission under 3 minutes and 20 seconds or less.


Retreating Rebel units destroyed. This fight had some special circumstances, but you did very well. It'll take the rebel forces some time to rebuild their frontline. In the meantime, the Allied Forces will take the opportunity to unleash a brand-new attack. But I still wonder what that red aircraft was all about. There was something off about him. You fought him. What do you think?[1]