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The Midway Incident was an event that marked the start of the Valahia Crisis. It is also the first mission that Antares Squadron participates in as part of Martinez Security, a private military company.[1]


On November 13, 2010 Martinez Security was invited to take part in a joint military exercise between the United States Navy Seventh Fleet and the Japan Self-Defense Forces at Midway Island. In addition to the elite Rigel Squadron, Martinez Security also sent a new pilot, Antares One, to Midway to finish his training.[1]


As part of his training, Antares One shot down several F-4Es and F-5Es that were used as drones. After the drones were shot down, he was scheduled to participate in a joint training session with the Seventh Fleet and the JSDF. However, the exercise never took place, as several unknown fighters were detected moving from the east. Most of the unknown fighters quickly moved westward, but some of the aircraft attacked the forces at Midway and were quickly shot down.[1]


After the unknown aircraft were shot down, Burford received a message from the Seventh Fleet that said the bandits were heading towards Japan and planned to hit Tokyo. As a result, Martinez Company decided to rendezvous with the Seventh Fleet and move to Tokyo to take part in the defense.[1]