Miljan Zrinski, callsign Flyuger, was an ace pilot in the Estovakian Air Force's Southern Forces Precinct. He led the 22nd Aviation Regiment's 42nd Tactical Fighter Squadron.[2]

Flyuger is one of the named aces in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. He appears in Weapons of Mass Destruction if played on Expert difficulty or higher. His special livery for the F-2A becomes available for purchase in the hangar after shooting him down.[3]


Early life

Miljan Zrinski was born and raised in Estovakia, and during his earlier years, managed to gain a reputation for being a player and troublemaker.[2]

Emmeria-Estovakia War

During the war, Zrinski served as an anti-ship attack specialist. He would continually prove to be a threat to vessels in the Emmerian Navy.[2]

Flyuger Flyby 3

Miljan Zrinski patrolling over the Alma River

While patrolling the skies over the Alma River, he failed to detect and prevent Garuda Team from destroying Estovakia's WMD catalyst. Realising his failure to prevent the infiltration, he attempted to shoot down Garuda Team as they began to leave the airspace. During the ensuing battle, Miljan was shot down.[4]

Zrinski managed to survive the encounter and was later picked up by allied Estovakian forces. Records state that as a result of his failure, he was court-martialled.[2]



  • In-game, Flyuger's F-2A will be equipped Rocket Launchers despite the weapon not being available to the player for that aircraft.[4]
  • "Flyuger" means "Weather vane" in Russian.


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