"Crush anyone in your way! All troops head for the tunnel!"
― Miller Unit leader to his unit

The Miller Unit 3rd Artillery Division is an elite Leasath special forces unit specialized in blitzkrieg tactics and operated in the Aurelian War.


The Miller Unit's actions depend on which route the player takes in the campaign:

  • Scenario A: If the player chooses to do Last Line of Defense, the Miller Unit is deployed to Kingshill in an attempt to retake Port Patterson.
  • Scenario B: If the player chooses to do either Rolling Thunder or The Midnight Sun, the Miller Unit will be successful in retaking Port Patterson. The player then has the option of whether to do Captive City or not. In Captive City, the unit is deployed to Patterson's harbor area in an effort to shield themselves within the complex.

In both scenarios, the unit is defeated nonetheless.