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{{Quote|I will buy back what I lost that day my parents sold me... MY HONOR... MY PRIDE... MY LIFE!!!|Sulejmani, moments before his death.}}
{{Quote|I will buy back what I lost that day my parents sold me! MY HONOR! MY PRIDE! MY LIFE!!!|Sulejmani's last words, moments before his death.}}
|image = [[File:Milosz Sulejmani.jpg|300px]]
|image = [[File:Milosz Sulejmani.jpg|300px]]

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"I will buy back what I lost that day my parents sold me! MY HONOR! MY PRIDE! MY LIFE!!!"
― Sulejmani's last words, moments before his death.

Milosz Sulejmani (ミロシュ・スレイマニ Miroshu Sureimani) is the leader of the renegade Varcolac Squadron. He is described as a grim & taciturn man, with exceptional flight skills, as well as being an individual caring only for money, earned in exchange of enemy casualties, with the goal of using the monetary rewards to restore his shattered life.


Early life

During his childhood, he was sold by his parents and became a child soldier. His experiences in his early life led him to worship money, believing that he could use it to get his family back. At some point later in his life, he joined Martinez Security Air Force division, becoming the leader of the Rigel Squadron.

Valahia Crisis

Sulejmani led the squadron in the outbreak of the Valahia Crisis, when he flew with the Antares Squadron in exercises between Martinez, Japan Self-Defense Forces and the United States Navy's Seventh Fleet. While helping defend Tokyo from the Orgoi's attack, he was contacted by Nicolae Dumitrescu, who offered him the chance to join the Valahia in exchange for money. He and his men leave Martinez Security and joined him as assistants of the Valahia.

Since the formation of the International Union Peacekeeping Force, Sulejmani and his renegades battled Antares in various anti-Valahia operations across Europe, engaging them over the Croatian Adriatic Sea, Serbian Mountains and Central Asia. When the IUPF prepared to invade an old Soviet nuclear missile silo used by the Valahia as their headquarters, he led Varcolac in battle against Antares once more, but was shot down and survived the encounter.

After the incident in Romania, Sulejmani and his men were contacted by Olivieri himself, who had them work directly with his private army. He received one of the GAF-1 Varcolac fighters developed by the group, made directly on Olivieri's orders.

On June 22, he joined the Golden Axe Plan in Oliveri's planned siege of San Francisco, which was stopped by Antares and the United States Navy, and fought with the mercenary pilots in a violent dogfight over the city. After his wingmen were killed, his frustration over repeatedly losing to Antares caused him to be consumed by his beliefs and went insane, using the GAF-1 to its full capabilities, including engaging a small CIWS on board and pulling off previously unseen nigh impossible maneuvers, in an attempt to take down Antares, but was ultimately killed.



  • Sulejmani is the only member of Varcolac Squadron to appear in person in the game, only in Scene 4.


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