"I will buy back everything from the day my parents sold me... MY HONOR... MY PRIDE... MY LIFE!!!"
― Sulejmani, Moments before his death.

Milosz Sulejmani is a character introduced in Ace Combat X2: Joint Assault, and is one of the game's leading antagonists. As the leader of the renegade Varcolac Squadron, he is described as a grim & taciturn man, with exceptional flight skills, as well as being an individual caring only for money, earned in exchange of enemy casualties.


Early Life

Not much can be confirmed on Milosz's early life prior to joining Martinez Security, other than his parents sold him as a child soldier.

Valahia Crisis
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Early War Maneuvers

In-depth information: Midway Incident

Milosz's first participation in the Valahia Crisis was in a training session in the skies of Midway, flying alognside a rookie pilot of the M42 Antares Squadron. While mostly remained quiet during the mission, he sporadically spoke to Antares 1 during the training session-- his wingmen, however, happily introduced themselves (except for Tolia Kiriakov, who thought he was slow) to Antares 1.

During the training manueveres, however, unidentified aircraft (belonging to the terrorist faction Valahia) unexpectedly entered the combat zone. Some aircraft were eliminated from the mission airspace in short time, while the rest (flying at least 1600 miles per hour) continued west-- however, Martinez would soon discover that the enemy aircraft recently destroyed actually were part of a larger force heading for the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Some time later, an emergency briefing would be conducted at Martinez' HQ-- Valahian forces already had reached to the capital, with the Japan Self-Defense Force's JSDF 7th Fleet reporting massive damage during the attacks; it would then be known that the source of said damage was a massive heavy command cruiser assisting the attack on the city.

Shortly thereafter, Antares, Rigel and a number of Martinez F-15E Strike Eagle were deployed north of Tokyo. As they arrived, however, the Spiridus unexpectedly fired it's Balaur railgun, causing a massive shockwave as well as ripping open a massive hole in the harbor area of the city. The ship's heat vents were systematically destroyed, and soon the Spiridus couldn't fire the Balaur again, ans thus was forced to retreat. Martinez and the JSDF managed to eliminate all remaining enemy aircraft, and soon later, the skies of Tokyo would be clear, with the Spiridus, now critically damaged, retreating.

Croatian Adriatic Sea

During an attack on a Valahia naval base by Antares Squadron, Sulejmani was tasked with holding up Antares. After Varcolac Squadron retreated, Antares was then attacked by a Los Angeles Class Submarine equipped with a new Hi-TASM Air Suppression Weapon.

Serbian Mountains

After Antares One destroyed an enemy radar site that had prevented the IUPF from launching their attack on the Valahia, he faced the Varcolac Squadron again, this time with their new aircrafts. They showered Antares One with hit-and-run attacks, but Antares One forced them to retreat again.

Central Asia, Valahia HQ

Antares One faced the Varcolac Squadron again, this time above the nuclear silos of the Valahia HQ. Facing them head on, he destroyed Sulejmani's MiG-1.44 MFI first, which threw the rest of the squadron into disarray. After that, Gaviria's MiG-31A Foxhound, Oruma's A-10A Thunderbolt II and Kiriakov's Su-37 Terminator were shot down, but it was evident that all of them ejected from their aircraft in time. Antares then flew into the missile silo and destroyed the control centre, killing Nicolae Dumitrescu and the other Valahian leaders in the process.

The Last Stand and Death

In June 22, Antares Squadron launched on their final sortie: the defense of San Francisco from Valahia troops, which included Aegis ships, destroyers & stealth bombers.

As things calmed down in the skies of San Francisco (and the Martinez
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troops advanced on Olivieri Life Insurance's main underground data center), four unidentified bogeys approached the city at high speed-- fielding the Golden Axe Plan's experimental GAF-1 Varcolac, Sulejmani was ready to engage Antares in their final battle. Despite being greatly overpowered by the experimental jets, Antares 1 managed to shoot down all members of Varcolac Squadron, one by one, until only Milosz himself remained.

Alone and on the verge of defeat, Milosz Sulejmani engaged Antares 1 in a fight to the death. However, despite their equal flight skills, Antares managed to prevail in the end, Varcolac 1 was killed.


  • Sulejmani only appears in person in Scene 4.
  • After each confrontation with Antares, Sulejmani seems to lose his sanity bit by bit, and finally after all of his wingmen are killed he begins to laugh hysterically and believing the money would complete his life. This may be caused by the frustration he had to deal with after failing to shoot down Antares.
  • The reason he values money so much is explained in the final mission when he reveals he was sold off by his parents as a child soldier. He thought with money, he could buy back everything from the day he was sold.
  • Some players say that Sulejmani is the hardest ace to beat so far in the Ace Combat series.
  • Sulejmani can pull off impossible maneuvers in his GAF-1 Varcolac plane.
  • Sulejmani is the only member of Varcolac Squadron to appear in person in the game.
  • The line he says in Mission 5A/B-"I'm going to enjoy this." on the Orgoi might be a probable reference to the days he had when he was a child soldier,since he said in a line on Mission 21A/B-"...The better the foe,the better the money...".
  • Based on the aircraft he flies,it seems that he values (and almost deified) money.He flies multirole aircraft,which will cover both air and ground ops.

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