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A Rebel SAM Boat guarding a passageway into the submarine base.

A Missile Boat is a small vessel often used as a patrol boat, similar to a Gun Boat. Many navies deploy this craft in inland bodies of water or with larger fleets for added air defense. It is equipped with anti-air missiles and will often fire on low flying aircraft. 



The Belkan Navy still had a stock of missile boats at the end of the war, several of which defected to A World With No Boundaries.[1]

During the Usean coup d'état, they were used by Usean Rebel Forces to defend Payton Channel from an Usean Allied Forces naval fleet attempting to pass through the channel. [2]

The Erusean Navy had two missile boats with the Aegir Fleet, which were destroyed by ISAF forces.[3] The militant group Free Erusia also used missile boats to counter ISAF forces.

During the Circum-Pacific War, Yuktobanian missile boats were part of the force that took part in the failed invasion of Sand Island.[4]

During Operation Free Gracemeria, several missile boats were deployed by the Estovakian Navy to defend King's Bay from the Emmerian 2nd Fleet.[5] The Estovakian Navy also used missile boats to defend the Chandelier from the Emmerian air assault.[6]

During the Aurelian War, Leasath used several warships including missile boats to guard Terminus Island when an Aurelian submarine Naiad is about to infiltrate the island facility. [7]

Infinity Universe[]

During the ongoing crisis, the USEA Federation has used missile boats to defend rivers and coastlines alongside larger ships from the UNF.