This page concerns the mission available during the beta; it is no longer available to play. For the release version, see Moby Dick Pursuit I.

Moby Dick Pursuit was a Special Raid mission available only in Ace Combat Infinity's beta tests. It took place over the Himalayan mountains, where players work together to destroy the Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser.


The Intelligence Agency reports that an Aigaion class heavy command cruiser is heading across the Eurasian continent for the Indian Ocean. This is a one in a million opportunity. All pilots responding to the emergency call must sortie immediately and intercept the Aigaion over the Himalayas. Engage with a saturation attack and destroy the target before it escapes from the operation area. We are unable to provide any details of the defenses you encounter. Remain alert.


The only objective in this mission was to destroy the Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser. It was supported by two Gyges-class and two Kottos-class cruisers, but unlike Heavy Command Cruiser, none of them were mission-important and did not need to be destroyed. There was also a large number of escort fighters in the airspace; again, unlike Heavy Command Cruiser (which had the Strigon Squadron flying support), none of them were mission-important. While the mission provided the full six minutes for this objective, players started so far away that most aircraft wouldn't reach the cruisers until a full minute had elapsed.

All five aircraft were protected by a large number of AA weapons. In order to take down any of the cruisers, the AA must have been cleared out, which allowed players to lock onto the engines. After all of the engines were destroyed on any of the cruisers, their front cockpit would be available to engage. Aigaion was a special case; while the other cruisers would be completely destroyed after the cockpit was destroyed, players had to fly into Aigaion itself and destroy the power core after taking out its cockpit.

The mission was completed when the timer ran out or Aigaion's core was destroyed. Gyges and Kottos were not required to be destroyed to complete the mission, but were required in order to get an S rank.

S Rank

In order to achieve an S Rank on Moby Dick Pursuit, as in other Online Co-Op Missions, all targets in the airspace must have been destroyed, which included both Gyges and both Kottos cruisers, as well as all escort fighters. This didn't seem possible unless there were eight players in the match. At least two players should have concentrated their fire on the escort fighters since there were quite a number of them, and the rest of the players should have freely engaged the Gyges and Kottos before engaging the Aigaion. All of the players should have agreed to only destroy Aigaion's core once all of the fighters and the other four cruisers were taken care of (which may have been tricky to accomplish without voice chat). It was a difficult task to perform within the six minutes allotted, but definitely possible.


B Rank

The heavy command cruiser has lost its battle capabilities and the remaining enemy forces have given up on reaching the Indian Ocean. Even though these enemy forces still remain, the damage inflicted on the Aigaion heavy command cruiser has been very significant.[1]

A Rank

The Aigaion heavy command cruiser has been disabled and the remaining enemy squadrons have retreated. Your attack has severely restricted the enemy's capability to perform tactical aerial operations in the future.[2]

S Rank

The Aigaion class heavy command cruiser and the forces defending it have been shot down, laying waste to an entire enemy aerial fleet. Your daring response to this emergency situation has successfully eliminated a major threat.[3]




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