Moby Dick Pursuit I is a Special Raid mission in Ace Combat Infinity available at random to players following other Online Co-Op Missions. It takes place over the same area as Alps Air Corridor, where players work together to destroy the Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser.

The mission was available from the game's launch in May 2014. Like other Special Raids, it has been temporarily removed at certain times when other Raids are added, but it is generally still available and one of the most common raids to encounter.


The Intelligence Agency reports that an Aigaion class heavy command cruiser is heading across the Eurasian continent for the Indian Ocean. This is a one in a million opportunity. All pilots responding to the emergency call must sortie immediately and intercept the Aigaion over the Alps. Engage with a saturation attack and destroy the target before it escapes from the operation area. We are unable to provide any details of the defenses you encounter. Remain alert.


The only objective in this mission is to destroy the Aigaion heavy command cruiser. It is supported by two Gyges-class and two Kottos-class aerial warships, as well as numerous escort fighters, but none of them are mission-important and they do not need to be destroyed to complete the mission. While the mission provides the full six minutes to destroy the Aigaion-class cruiser, players spawn far away and will not reach the aerial fleet until at least 30 seconds have elapsed.

All five aircraft are defended by a large number of AA weapons (or ECM arrays in the Kottos' case). In order to take down any of the cruisers, all of the sub-weapons must be cleared out, which will allow players to lock onto a cruiser's engines. After all of the engines are destroyed on a particular cruiser, its front cockpit will be available to destroy, which will destroy the entire cruiser.

The mission is completed when the timer runs out or Aigaion's cockpit is destroyed.

S Rank

In order to achieve an S Rank on Moby Dick Pursuit I, as in other Online Co-Op Missions, all targets in the airspace must be destroyed, which includes both Gyges and both Kottos cruisers as well as all escort fighters.

The S rank is easily achievable with 4 players and no bots depending on aircraft upgrades. One recommended setup in a 4-player room is as follows:

  • Two players engage the Gyges and Kottos
  • One player engages the Aigaion
  • One player engages the escort fighters

Destroying Aigaion's cockpit immediately ends the mission and awards whatever rank is earned at that point. Therefore, all players should understand to only destroy the cockpit once all of the fighters and the other four cruisers are taken care of.


C or B Rank

The heavy command cruiser has lost its battle capabilities and the remaining enemy forces have given up on reaching the Indian Ocean. Even though these enemy forces still remain, the damage inflicted on the Aigaion heavy command cruiser has been very significant.

A Rank

The Aigaion heavy command cruiser has been disabled and the remaining enemy squadrons have retreated. Your attack has severely the enemy's capability to perform tactical aerial operations in the future.

S Rank

The Aigaion class heavy command cruiser and the forces defending it have been shot down, laying waste to an entire enemy aerial fleet. Your daring response to this emergency situation has successfully eliminated a major threat.



  • Players who complete this mission are awarded with the "White Service Medal (Aerial Fleet Supression)" emblem and the "Giant Hunter" nickname.
  • The explosion effect of the Nimbus missiles is the same used by Stonehenge Type-3's rounds.
  • The background music of the mission is "The Dead Sea" from the Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Original Soundtrack, the same track used when attacking the Aigaion in Ace Combat 6.
    • Unlike Ace Combat 6, the approach in Moby Dick Pursuit does not play "Heavy Command Cruiser," the approach music from Ace Combat 6. Instead, "The Dead Sea" plays during the entire mission
  • Compared to Ace Combat 6, the Nimbus missiles fly more slowly, and are noticeably larger in size.
  • The Aigaion launches Nimbus at the players regardless of proximity to the airship fleet. In Ace Combat 6, the Aigaion would only launch Nimbus if the player flew a certain distance away from the airship fleet during the battle, or if the Aigaion was heavily damaged.
  • The approach to the Aigaion is similar to the one in Heavy Command Cruiser. However, the approach is considerably shorter, starts at a different angle and altitude, and, unlike the stealth approach in Ace Combat 6, the Aigaion immediately notices the players' approach and launches a Nimbus barrage. This change in design could be a result of the quicker pace of the mission, being set to a 6-minute time limit rather than the long-duration missions common to Ace Combat 6.
  • The health of the Aigaion's engines is significantly increased from that of Ace Combat 6. However, the protective flaps that would cover sections of the engines in Ace Combat 6 are removed.
  • This mission replaced Moby Dick Pursuit, which was the mission that appeared during Infinity's beta tests. However, the title card in the lobby for Moby Dick Pursuit I is the old title card from Moby Dick Pursuit.
  • Before an update on July 2014, this mission was officially known as Moby Dick Pursuit 1.


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