Moby Dick Pursuit III is a Special Raid mission in Ace Combat Infinity, in which players must work together to destroy the special gold-painted, laser-equipped Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser. It takes place over Comona Base.


We've received intel concerning the deployment of an Aigaion class heavy command cruiser fitted with experimental armaments. Although we do not have all of the details, in addition to enhanced firepower and armor, this model is also apparently equipped with means for countering guided and optical weapons. All pilots responding to this emergency must sortie immediately and engage the target over the Alps mountain range.[1] Destroy the target before it escapes the operation area.


Similar to other Moby Dick Pursuits, the only objective in this mission is to destroy the golden Aigaion, which has increased health. However, its Nimbus missile launchers have been replaced by numerous laser units that fire lasers consistently in a sweeping pattern. They fire at all angles in all directions from the cruiser, meaning all players flying close are vulnerable to laser fire. Additionally, the lasers will shoot down all player ordnance (exactly like the MQ-90Ls), so machine guns are the best way to destroy the laser units.

Otherwise, the mission plays out the same way as Moby Dick Pursuit II. Players can engage the Gyges-class and Kottos-class aerial warships if they desire, but the units marked as mission-important are the AA units on the Aigaion. The laser units are not marked as mission-important. Once all of the AA units are destroyed, the Aigaion's numerous engines can be destroyed, and finally its cockpit followed by its core. The mission completes when the timer runs out or Aigaion's core is destroyed, whichever comes first.

S Rank

In order to achieve an S Rank, as in other Online Co-Op Missions, all targets in the airspace must be destroyed, which includes both Gyges and both Kottos warships as well as all escort fighters.

At least two players would have to concentrate their fire against Gyges and Kottos, while at least one other person engages the Aigaion's AA systems. At least one other person would have to engage the escort fighters in the airspace.

Destroying Aigaion's core immediately ends the mission and awards whatever rank is earned at that point. Therefore, all players should agree to only destroy the core once all of the fighters and the other four cruisers are taken care of.


C or B Rank

The Aigaion class heavy command cruiser equipped with experimental armaments has been stripped of its combat capabilities. While many of the aerial fleet protecting it survived, preventing the new weapon itself from joining the battle represents a significant victory.

A Rank

The Aigaion class heavy command cruiser equipped with experimental armaments has been neutralized and the enemy aerial fleet that defended it has retreated while suffering significant losses. This will severely restrict enemy aerial operations in the immediate future.

S Rank

The Aigaion class heavy command cruiser equipped with experimental armaments has been shot down together with the forces defending it. You've truly proven yourself in the face of such powerful counter measures.



Gold Service Medal (Aerial Fleet Suppression) Emblem.png

  • Players who complete this mission are awarded with the "Gold Service Medal (Aerial Fleet Supression)" emblem and the "Aerial Fleet Destroyer" nickname.
  • Project Aces did not recognize or mention the existence of Moby Dick Pursuit III until the announcement of all Moby Dick Pursuit missions being removed in August 2014, when the mission's encounter rate was the highest it had ever been.
  • When the engines are available to target, the Aigaion changes altitude more drastically than any other cruiser of its class.
  • The Aigaion-class cruiser is only painted gold on the top side of the aircraft.
  • Until Update 2.02, both Moby Dick Pursuit II and III did not play the sound effects for player aircraft in the intro or outro cutscenes. Additionally, both missions played the same background music as that of the Stonehenge missions; this was replaced by "THE DEAD SEA" from the Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Original Soundtrack in the update, which had already been playing in Moby Dick Pursuit I.
  • This mission was "removed" from the game on August 19, 2014; however, this has changed multiple times. See Special Raid#History for more information.


  1. The briefing is incorrect, since the mission actually takes place over Comona Base.
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