Moby Dick Pursuit IV is a Special Raid mission in Ace Combat Infinity, in which players must work together to destroy the special black-painted, laser-equipped Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser. It takes place over Moscow, Russia. It is the rarest of all Moby Dick Pursuit Special Raids, as well as the most challenging.


The Intelligence Agency has reported that an enhanced armament Aigaion class heavy command cruiser has entered the final countdown to launch.

Its weapons have been further enhanced based on data the enemy obtained from the previous experimental weapons type, and can be considered to boast increased firepower and precision. This new weapon proposes a serious threat to our forces and must be neutralized as quickly as possible.

All units, sortie immediately and destroy the target. We expect the enemy to intercept us, but we don't know what tactics they will use. Proceed with caution.


S Rank


C or B Rank

The Aigaion class enhanced armament heavy command cruiser can no longer function as a carrier, and so the enemy has broken off its attack. While much of the force defending the cruiser remained intact, having stopped the new weapon itself from reaching the front lines is a meaningful victory.

A Rank

S Rank

The Aigaion class enhanced armament heavy command cruiser and all aircraft defending it were shot down, completely wiping out the enemy aerial fleet. You have proven that even the capabilities of advanced new weaponry pose no threat to our forces.



  • Players who complete this mission are awarded with the "Black Service Medal (Aerial Fleet Supression)" emblem and the "Predator of Hekatonkheires" nickname.
  • The background music that plays during this mission is "THE DEAD SEA" from the Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Original Soundtrack.
  • This mission was teased in the Operation Future Prospect trailer, where the black-painted Aigaion can be seen firing missiles for less than a second.
  • Unlike any other Aigaion-class cruiser in Moby Dick Pursuits, the one featured here does not change altitude when the engines are available to target.


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