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return {
	["M01"] = "[[Invasion of Gracemeria (mission)|Invasion of Gracemeria]]",
	["M02"] = "[[Vitoze Aerial Defense]]",
	["M03"] = "[[Sipli Field (mission)|Sipli Field]]",
	["M04"] = "[[Bartolomeo Fortress]]",
	["M05"] = "[[Anea Landing]]",
	["M06"] = "[[Siege on Silvat]]",
	["M07"] = "[[Selumna Peak]]",
	["M08"] = "[[San Loma Assault]]",
	["M09"] = "[[Heavy Command Cruiser (mission)|Heavy Command Cruiser]]",
	["M10"] = "[[Ragno Fortress]]",
	["M11"] = "[[The Moloch Desert]]",
	["M12"] = "[[Weapons of Mass Destruction]]",
	["M13"] = "[[The Liberation of Gracemeria]]",
	["M14"] = "[[Gracemeria Patrol]]",
	["M15"] = "[[Chandelier (mission)|Chandelier]]",
	["Cut01"] = "[[Transcript:Shattered Peace|Shattered Peace]]",
	["Cut02"] = "[[Transcript:Realization|Realization]]",
	["Cut03"] = "[[Transcript:Grounded Hawk|Grounded Hawk]]",
	["Cut04"] = "[[Transcript:Bridge of Despair|Bridge of Despair]]",
	["Cut05"] = "[[Transcript:Resignation|Resignation]]",
	["Cut06"] = "[[Transcript:Ulterior Motives|Ulterior Motives]]",
	["Cut07"] = "[[Transcript:Unspoken Bonds|Unspoken Bonds]]",
	["Cut08"] = "[[Transcript:Defiance|Defiance]]",
	["Cut09"] = "[[Transcript:Victims of Circumstance|Victims of Circumstance]]",
	["Cut10"] = "[[Transcript:A Common Burden|A Common Burden]]",
	["Cut11"] = "[[Transcript:Changing of the Guard|Changing of the Guard]]",
	["Cut12"] = "[[Transcript:Admiration|Admiration]]",
	["Cut13"] = "[[Transcript:Trapped|Trapped]]",
	["Cut14"] = "[[Transcript:A Light in the Dark|A Light in the Dark]]",
	["Cut15"] = "[[Transcript:Reunion|Reunion]]",
	["Cut16"] = "[[Transcript:Resolve|Resolve]]",
	["Cut17"] = "[[Transcript:A Brand New Day|A Brand New Day]]",
	--["default"] = ""
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