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Mogadiyu is a fictional region in the world of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Located in East Africa, it is an archeologically significant region which houses a number of ancient ruins, earning it the nickname of "Clay City".


New Russian Federation uprising[]

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During their rescue of Major Sergei Illich from an SRN-controlled settlement in eastern Africa, the Nomad Squadron intercepted several transmissions in Russian language, translated by a soldier called Grinberg as referring to bringing cargo trucks southbound towards Mogadiyu.

In December 23, 2015, Delta Force troops and elements from Task Force 108 of NATO launched an assault mission on Mogadiyu, with the objective of destroying an underground cavern network occupied by the rebels as a supply site and likely as a place to store Trinity weapons. Inserted by the Nomad Squadron and assisted from the air by the AC-130U unit "Spooky 01", the "Bravo" squads fought their way through the hills of Mogadiyu until arriving at at the entrance to the underground tunnels.

Shortly after Spooky razed a rebel occupied airfield, the Delta troops emerged from a second entry point at the other side of the mountain. The helicopters Nomad 61 and Nomad 62 entered the site to recover the ground troops when the SRN launched a heavy assault, dealing heavy damage to 61. With the aid of Shooter 1 and Spooky, the gunships fled toward a safe area.

Their escape was hampered by a soldier called Nicholas's decision to stay back at the caverns to look for one of his soldiers, who was shot and killed inside. With rescue being impossible under these circumstances, Spooky pilot Janice Rehl decided to use the ship's Fulton recovery system to rescue Nicholas. The Delta soldier managed to get the recovery balloon airborne, allowing Janice to snag him in mid-air. After snatching the balloon following a first attempt foiled by crosswinds, Spooky 01 returned home with Nicholas in tow.

Geographical information[]

Mogadiyu is a desert region covered with mountains and rolling hills. Many sectors of the area are littered with the ruins of structures erected by a long-extinct ancient civilization, which possess a great archaeological significance.

During the SRN insurgency, the rebels built numerous structures and sites to militarize Mogadiyu and establish a secure foothold in the area. A small "shanty town" was erected to serve as a destination of transports and vehicles, while a large airfield was created (or taken over) to the north.


  • Mogadiyu's name is based on that of the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu.