All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The Mora Jamming Station is a Turkish military facility situated in the Anatolia Mountain Range.

During the Valahia Crisis, the facility was taken over by Valahia as a means of disrupting radar coverage and long-range communications in Anatolia, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the Dardanelles. It also affected International Union Peacekeeping Force's operations in Europe.


Mora consisted of four radar jamming dishes that are protected by an advanced air defense system and three long-range artillery cannons. Around the ravine area, several substations provide power to the jamming dishes. An industrial area in the nearby channel also provides extra power to both the station and the high-tech SAM launchers. Its only weakness is the substations of the jamming dishes and SAMs were destroyed at the same time. The long-range artillery cannons can provide fire support to the channel area whenever IUPF or Antares attacked the substations.


The station was attacked and destroyed on February 14, spearheaded by Antares Squadron of Martinez Security in the form of joint assault mission to suppress the jamming signals and the substation facilities in the nearby channel. With the destruction of the jamming station, the IUPF operations would resume accordingly.

In an alternate scenario, the Mora Jamming Station was not destroyed and interfered greatly with the IUPF's efforts to destroy the Spiridus flying over London, United Kingdom.

Later on, Andre Olivieri, a highly successful CEO of Olivieri Life Insurance, requested Antares One to fly his personal jet, Boeing 747-200B. The flight path was over the jamming station, which was actually prepared for an ambush by the remnant Valahia forces.