Moscow is the capital city of Russia.


Assault Horizon universe[]

The rebel New Russian Federation took over Moscow and its surrounding areas during their takeover of the country. They stole numerous arms from military bases and forced their way into the city streets. Their capture of the city was made easier due to Russian and American forces being distracted by Blatnoi's threats in the Middle East.

Task Force 108, allied with loyalist Russian air and ground troops, began an operation to recapture Russian territory to eventually spearhead their way into Moscow. They recaptured the surrounding areas, and then launched a large offensive campaign in the city. The NRF responded with a Trinity launch into Central Moscow, killing numerous helicopter pilots and likely civilians in an apparent attempt to destroy both the city and the Task Force to prevent them from capturing it. They then used six Tu-160 Blackjacks to fire numerous standard cruise missiles at the city, followed by a second Trinity missile. All of them were shot down by Warwolf Squadron while the ground forces regrouped and took back the Kremlin, liberating the city from NRF control.

Infinity universe[]

During the Ulysses Disaster, at least one Ulysses asteroid crashed into Moscow, creating at least one massive crater and at least two smaller craters.[1] The city soon became a battleground between at least two factions over control of the city, displacing a large number of refugees. The majority of these refugees escaped to Iyuli. It wasn't until the intervention of Wernher and Noah Enterprises that the localized conflict in Moscow simmered.[2]

In the course of their uprising, the USEA Federation captured the city in a paratrooper operation after armed clashes with the Russian Army; the actions of an infiltrator within the Russian military threw its leadership into disarray, allowing the Federation to conquer the city. Afterwards, Moscow became a site of major importance for the United Nations Forces, who liberated it from the occupation in a plan called "OEL-M".

Operation Whale Hunt ended over Moscow when the UNF shot down the USEA Federation's final Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser.




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