For the HARD version of this mission, see Moscow Battle (HARD).

Moscow Battle is an Online Co-Op Missions mission in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place in Moscow, Russia.


The raid on Moscow by USEA airborne troops was first considered to be extremely rash. However, an insider within the government threw the military chain of command into confusion, ultimately causing the city to fall. The powerful army of the old Moscow military district was absorbed by the USEA, making Moscow now appear impregnable. Launch a sufficiently prepared air attack and drive the USEA forces from the largest city in Eastern Europe.


The players will start north of Moscow, with Alpha starting from the northwest and Bravo from the northeast.

Similar to Weapons Base Assault, the map will have a large concentration of ground targets. In the first mission update, there are mainly yellow targets, with some orange and a few SP targets mixed in. The units are generally spread across the entire city, mainly in clusters. As for air-to-air, the skies are always filled with yellow Ka-50's and orange MiG-29A's, supported by either SP MiG-31B's, Su-47's, or both.

After the mission update, the ground units are now clustered in the centre of the city. While the units mainly remain the same, there are much more SP targets than before the mission update. The skies remain largely the same, but are now reinforced with Su-27's, SP T-50's and SP Tu-160's flying at high altitude. Once all targets are destroyed or the time runs out, the mission ends.


In order to gain an S-Rank on this mission, it is required to wipe out a large amount of targets. Unlike other missions, however, you do not need to destroy ALL of the targets; it is possible to S-Rank this mission with a few targets still standing. As mentioned before, this mission got a large amount of both ground and air targets, so (for an 8-player room) it is recommended that 4 players go air-to-ground and the other 4 go air-to-air.


E or D Rank[]

While the enemy has temporarily retreated from Moscow, their main forces remain very much in play. Command has decided to send the rest of our troops to the region to take back Moscow.

C or B Rank[]

The worn-down USEA forces have retreated, but the guerilla tactics employed to cover their advance means the urban warfare is ongoing. Though the atmosphere in Moscow is war-weary, for now, the operation is a success.

A Rank[]

The USEA forces deployed in Moscow have been wiped out, restoring our control of Moscow. The citizens of Moscow have welcomed us warmly as their liberators.

S Rank[]

Your exemplary performance has wiped out the main USEA forces, leading to our successful recapture of Moscow.
This defeat will force the enemy to reconsider their entire strategy in Eastern Europe.



  • Players can prematurely finish the map with A-Rank instead of S-Rank in early releases. But on October 10, 2014, Project Aces made an adjustment to the prerequisite total score to S-Rank of the mission.[1] Ironically, the mission is still possible to finish prematurely, yet now it will end up in S-Rank instead of A-Rank. It seems the prerequisite total score to S-Rank is 330,000 points; once it is reached, soon the mission will end, although there are few targets still standing.