"Mother Goose One? That's the best you can come up with?"
― Col. Johnson

Mother Goose One was the callsign of a V-22 utilized by former Osean President Vincent Harling in the Lighthouse War.


During the Lighthouse War, Mother Goose One was the callsign given to a commandeered Erusean V-22 Osprey carrying Harling, who had been trapped at the International Space Elevator following the Erusean declaration of war. It was assumed that Trigger accidentally shot it down as he was the closest fighter at the time, when in reality it was shot down by an unmanned F/A-18F Super Hornet.[1]

During Operation Gorgon, it was revealed that Erusean radicals were the true culprits behind the downing of the plane, having utilized Belkan technology to create drones that resembled Osean fighters.[2]



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