Mount Marcello (マルチェロ山脈 Maruchero sanmyaku)[2] is a rocky mountain range located in the northern part of Khesed Island, west of Anea. A strategic military fortification, Bartolomeo Fortress, is located in the northern ridges of the mountain range.


Lake Verona Mount Marcello

An aerial view of Lake Verona

Mount Marcello is divided into multiple ridges that mostly run north-south, and these ridges are separated from each other by valleys that lie approximately 1,500 feet above sea level.[1] The tops of the ridges are covered in snow, but lush forests grow in the valleys.[2] Lake Verona, a large natural lake, is also present in the valleys in the northern part of the mountain range.[1]

The natural layout of Mount Marcello provides a distinct military advantage to whoever controls it. Ground units are forced to traverse the two largest valleys, making them vulnerable to air assault, and the northern ridges provide natural protection in their layout.[2] For these reasons, Emmeria constructed Bartolomeo Fortress, a defensive fortification built into the northern ridges. Such defenses included a network of tunnels running underneath the mountain range for easy transport between defense areas, as well as bridges carrying armored trains through the valleys south of the fortress.[1]


Bartolomeo Typhoons AC6

Emmerian Typhoons flying over Emmerian tanks during the Battle of Bartolomeo Fortress

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, Emmerian forces were in full retreat from the Anean mainland due to mounting attacks from Estovakia's P-1112 Aigaion. Estovakian forces managed to drive Emmeria out of Mount Marcello, despite Bartolomeo Fortress's defenses, and pushed them south to Vitoze.

Emmeria began counterattack operations in November 2015 and successfully retook Sipli Field on November 27. Estovakian forces retreated to Bartolomeo Fortress.[3] Over the next month, Emmerian forces made preparations to retake Mount Marcello by neutralizing Bartolomeo Fortress. The Warlock Separate Battalion and Quox Armored Battalion led the ground charge while Snake Pit provided electronic support to the air squadrons covering the tank battalions, which included Garuda Team. Despite fierce resistance from the Estovakian forces stationed at the fortress, who were supported by two Strigon Team pilots, Emmeria neutralized the fortress and retook Mount Marcello. Following this operation, Emmeria once again held complete control over Khesed Island and began to form an invasion of the Anean mainland.[1]