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Mount Nevera is a mountain seen in northeastern Aurelia. It is the tallest mountain in Aurelia, with snow covering the region. Monte Breeze lies to its north-west, while the capital city Griswall is situated north-east of the mountain. Challwa is located at the mountain's foot.


Aurelian War

A weather observation radar was originally built at the summit of Mount Nevera. It soon fell under the hands of the Leasath military in the early days of the Aurelian War. Taking advantage of Mount Nevera's height, Leasath converted the radar into a jamming station called the Nevera Jammer, which effectively covers both Monte Breeze and Griswall in its jamming range.[1]

Gryphus One can choose to attack the Nevera Jammer in Mount Nevera before liberating Griswall with or without the Skylla Unit's presence, an elite anti-air Leasath special forces unit. The area could also be bypassed at will, but it will not be available anymore after the liberation of Griswall.




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