The MIRV missile during the briefing of mission 27 in AC5

A MIRV (multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle) is a type of warhead with a seperate assortment of warheads in it. Using MIRV technology, a single missile can strike multiple targets instead of having to launch many different missiles.


The purpose of a MIRV warhead is, as said above, to strike mutiple targets with one warhead, however, it can also be used to launch "decoy warheads" which confuse radar systems. The latter has not been used in the games so far.



The Mid-1990's spawned the first use ot MIRV technology, the V-2 nuclear weapon, which was later put on the SOLG in a failed attempt to level Oured. 15 years after the events of The Belkan War, the technology was imported on Yuktobania's Submarines, The "-Faxi fleet," which included the Scinfaxi amd Hrimfaxi. 8 years later, the design was used on Estovokia's superweapon, the Chandelier railgun. All of the weapons were later destroyed by Cipher, The Razgriz, and Garuda Sqaudron, respectively.

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