Before the two planes take off, capture both of them in one shot. Got it?
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"Keep low to the water on your approach to Avalon. You'll be shot down if you fly high."
AWACS Eagle Eye to Galm Team[2]

Mund Valley, also referred to as Mund, is a large, winding river valley located in central Belka, northeast of the Waldreich Mountains. Mund is well known as the site of Belka's Avalon Dam facility and the final confrontation between the Allied Forces and the rebel organization A World With No Boundaries.


Mund Valley is situated in the temperate mountainous region of central Belka; it is over 40 kilometers long and appears to have been formed by the unnamed river that runs north-south through the area. Mund Valley's topography varies from wide, sloping areas to steep bottlenecks lined with cliffs. The forested landscape in and around the valley appears to be preserved, apart from three road- or railway bridges that span it. The hydroelectric Avalon Dam spans Mund Valley, forming a large reservoir lake that extends north of the dam.[2]


On December 31, 1995, the Allied Forces deployed a large number of fighter aircraft to Mund to destroy Avalon Dam's missile silo complex, which had fallen into the hands of the rebel organization A World With No Boundaries. In order to avoid the coup forces' anti-aircraft defense network, Galm Team and the Allied squadrons flew through Mund Valley; during their approach to Avalon, the rebels' anti-air artillery units shot down all of the Allied fighters, except Galm.[2]


  • "Mund" is the German word for "mouth".