The Naiad was a submarine in the Aurelian Navy.


During the early days of the Aurelian War, the Naiad was deployed to Terminus Island to rescue an Aurelian scientist held captive. At the operation's beginning, its presence was unknown to Leasath forces as they were being distracted by an Aurelian diversionary fleet as well as the Gryphus Squadron. After rescuing the scientist, the submarine hit an undersea mine which forced it to surface. The submarine's controls were also destroyed, setting the Naiad on a collision course towards an iceberg. Gryphus Squadron destroyed the iceberg and defended the Naiad from incoming stealth bombers and anti-submarine aircraft. Once the iceberg was cleared, the Naiad safely reached the combat zone border.[1]


  • The Naiad is named after Naiads, who, in Greek mythology, were water nymphs who presided over bodies of fresh water.