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A massive cluster of nano-bytes

A nanobyte is a piece of technology manufactured by Neucom Incorporated which manipulates microscopic particles at the nanoscopic scale (10^ -9 meters).

Development history

Nanobytes were originally designed as multirole particles that would be capable of enduring any theoretical conditions. Neucom continued research of nanotechnology until the year 2038, when nanobytes were released onto the market. Because they are capable of adapting to extreme conditions and of self-replication, nanotechnology can be used in practical applications in construction and space development, as well as a new energy source to replace nuclear power.

Intercorporate War


Nano-Bite [sic] icon

In 2040, during the Intercorporate War, a large quantity of prototype nanobytes were stored in Neucom facilities in the Chopinburg region. However, for reasons unknown, the nanobytes acquired self-awareness, and escaped from their facilities, after which they began multiplying, forming "hives" of sorts near the rivers running through the region. Shortly after the outbreak, UPEO high command took notice of the situation, and thus dispatched a squadron to deal with the rogue nanobyte plague.

Sometime later, the squadron, comprised of Nemo, Rena Hirose & Erich Jager, arrived at the faclity area. By the time they reached Chopinburg, the berserk nanobytes had already established three colonies in the region, taking the appearance of three massive orange circles spread on the ground. Using special anti-nanotechnology weapons, the three eliminated the nanobyte colonies in the region. However, when things seemed to have come to an end, Rena inadvertently flew too close to a surviving cluster of nanobytes, which swarmed her aircraft and began eating away at the mainframe, as well as infecting Rena herself, targeting her brain. Nemo managed to save Rena from certain death by releasing an ANB on her Flanker, killing the remaining nanobytes.

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