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"All she did was return a smile. She remained faithful to the Prime Minister and to his vision of peace. And that faith had brought her here."
Albert Genette describing the Major[1]

Major Nastasya Vasilievna Obertas,[2] also known simply as the "Major", was a Yuktobanian Army intelligence officer during the Belkan War and Circum-Pacific War. Her reconnaissance work proved instrumental in preventing the Grey Men's use of V2 as a weapon of mass destruction at the end of 2010.


Early life

A highly enigmatic figure, Nastasya was born in Yuktobania—the exact year of her birth, however, remains unknown. At some point in her youth, she joined the Yuktobanian Army and became an officer in the armed forces' intelligence division.[3] Sometime in or before 1995, Nastasya was promoted to the rank of Major.[4]

Belkan War

Following the Belkan War's outbreak in March 1995, Nastasya was deployed across the Ceres Ocean to provide reconnaissance and intelligence support to the Osean Federation's beleaguered forces. It is possible that she was (either partly or fully) responsible for uncovering the existence of Belka's Project Pendragon.[5] During her time in the East, she met an Osean airman, Jack Bartlett, with whom she became romantically involved. However, she ended the relationship before returning to Yuktobania, which led Bartlett to adopt the callsign "Heartbreak One".[6]

After the war, Nastasya continued to serve in the military's reconnaissance division; she later became a strong supporter of the new prime minister, Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor, and his pacifist convictions.[7]

Circum-Pacific War

The "Major" beside Prime Minister Nikanor, after their escape from Yuktobania

"Me? I'm Mystery Woman Number 1."
― Nastasya to Kei Nagase[8]

In late 2010, Nastasya began assisting the resistance movement, which had arisen to oppose the military regime that had usurped Nikanor. Although details remain unclear, at some point during the Osean Army's occupation of Yuktobania, Nastasya obtained an encrypted disc that contained the Grey Men's "secret plans".[1] Sometime later, she encountered Bartlett, who had joined the resistance after escaping military custody. The two appear to have had a friendly, platonic relationship during their time together.

On December 23, Nastasya joined the resistance forces' attempt to free Nikanor from his imprisonment at Shtil Internment Camp[9] on the Pobeda Peninsula. She and several other resistance members, under the leadership of Barlett, then stole away with the prime minister and the Belkans' plans to nearby Krylo Airfield. With the support of Razgriz Squadron, Nastasya and her comrades commandeered a C-1 Trader[8] and escaped to the safety of the OFS Kestrel.[1]

On December 30, after a week of intensive code-breaking, the Osean intelligence officers aboard the OFS Andromeda successfully deciphered the disc that Nastasya had recovered from the Yuktobanian collaborators. It is unknown how much of a role, if any, Nastasya played in deciphering the disc, which was found to contain blueprints to a "Mass Retaliation Weapon", codenamed "V2". With this information, the Oseans were able to determine that the Belkans' efforts to secretly complete the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun (SOLG) were related to V2's deployment. Further investigation isolated the origin of the SOLG's ground-based control transmissions and, as a result, revealed the existence of Gründer Industries' tunnel complex beneath the Waldreich Mountains.[10]

Nastasya's whereabouts after the war's conclusion remain unknown. However, it is likely that she returned to Yuktobania and continued to serve her country in the military's intelligence division.



  • "Nastasya" is a shortened form of the Russian female name Anastasya, shared by Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II.
    • Nastasya also translates as "breaker of chains" or "prison opener", referring to her role in the Shtil Internment Camp[9] prison break.
  • Her patrynomic surname "Vasilievna" means "daughter of Vasily".
  • "Obertas" is a gender-neutral surname of Eastern European origin.
  • During the development of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, Nastasya's appearance and behavior were likened by Sunao Katabuchi and mangaka Rei Hiroe to the character Balalaika from the anime series Black Lagoon, which the two produced.[11]