"These guys are startin' to piss me off. Nazca Team, shoot 'em down for me."
Snake Pit[1]

Nazca Team, official designation unknown, is a squadron part of the Republic of Emmeria Air Force and saw combat during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[1]

Their team is only mentioned once by name throughout the entirety Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation's campaign, and due to this, their other contributions to the war are currently unknown.[2]


Nazca Team participated in the battle of the Moloch Desert, where they, alongside Disco Team, were tasked with escorting the electronic support aircraft Snake Pit.[1]

Whilst escorting Snake Pit, allied aircraft sustained substantial losses. This prompted for both Snake Pit and the squadron to request support from Garuda Team. Once Garuda arrived to assist in the escort, the morale of the pilots seemed to have increased; one pilot even sounded relieved at how the Emmerian aces came to their aid.[1] With the help of Garuda Team, the squadron successfully completed their operation.[1]


  • "Nazca" is a Spanish word which translates to "Born" in English. This makes it the only known Emmerian squadron to have its name come from Spanish origin.
  • It is possible that Nazca Team is the squadron that is always assigned to escort Snake Pit, however due to its name is only said once throughout the entirety of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, it is solely speculation at this point.
  • As there are 8 planes initially defending Snake Pit during The Moloch Desert, it is possible that Nazca Team is an 8-man squadron


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