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Nevada is one of the 50 States of the United States of America. Its capital is Carson City, but the State is well known for Las Vegas, in which 3/4 of its inhabitants reside.


Joint Assault universe

During the Golden Axe Plan crisis, Antares Squadron, along with Dog Bear Unit, Lazy Bear Unit and Black Bear Unit from Martinez Security began a joint assault on the Golden Axe Plan Private Army at the airport. The allied ground forces' objective is to capture the airport's missile facility, which they succeed. Their next objective is to destroy the new Spiridus stationed in Lake Tahoe, the Spiridus' new Hi-TASM launchers were protected by READS radiation defense system. The allied ground forces fired three powerful missiles to disable the READS defense system, giving Antares to destroy the Hi-TASM launchers. The Spiridus began to retreat, but Antares stopped the aircraft from escaping. The Spiridus deployed the AA electrolaser cannon to shoot down Antares, but Antares destroyed it and allied ground forces destroyed the Spiridus with a large missile, which causing it to lose control and crashed at the mountains.

Infinity universe

Following the Ulysses Disaster, Nevada became a battleground on May 21, 2020 during Operation Battle Axe. Specific details are unknown.

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