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The Nevera Jammer.

The Nevera Jammer was a jamming facility built on the Nevera mountain range in Aurelia.


Originally a radar built for weather observation purposes, Leasath modified it into a jamming facility after invading Aurelia in 2020.

The facility has a high power output at 4 megawatts, much greater than that originally for weather observation. Its range spans a radius of 1,200 km that covers the Aurelian capital city of Griswall. The jammer nearly covers all types of communications except those of its own, short-range and infra-red. It is protected by an array of high performance SAM and AA guns, but the defense system's huge energy cost requires external power source from electrical power stations in the surrounding region.[1]

The Nevera Jammer can be destroyed by Gryphus One, with or without the presence of the Skylla Unit, an elite anti-air Leasath special forces unit. This requires the destruction of the power stations, which were responsible for supplying power to the high performance SAM and AA guns before attacking the jammer itself with ordinary fighter's weapons. Alternatively the jammer could be destroyed by the Tactical Laser System mounted in ADF-01 FALKEN, as the laser is not affected by the high performance SAM and AA guns.

The destruction of the Nevera Jammer is not compulsory as it could be bypassed completely before liberating Griswall, though taking such action will be hampered by the facility's periodic jamming.