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The New Russian Federation uprising was a coup d'état and civil war in the Russian Federation lasting from late 2015 through January 2016. The ensuing conflict saw the involvement of the United States, the United Nations and France in a limited manner.

Insurgency in Africa

At some point prior to 2015, the SRN insurgent group in East Africa staged an attempted uprising, attacking and capturing cities in an unidentified country in the Horn of Africa, including the city of Carruth. These rebels were being furnished with weaponry and aircraft by the Blatnoi, a Russian criminal syndicate, allowing them to overthrow the ruling government.

NATO Intervention

In 2015, the region's nations request United Nations for help, which in turn calls upon NATO to deal with the situation in Africa, along with the help of Japan, France, and the United Kingdom. Seeing how the situation worsens, NATO commissions a special unit called Task Force 108, an international military unit compromised of aircraft pilots and military commanders from, amidst, other nations, the United States of America, Russia, and France. The task force is headed up by Pierre La Pointe, a French general in charge of the operations, with William Bishop as the commander of the Air Forces in the American unit, Ivan Stagleishov of the Russian unit, Magic, the Task Force's airborne warning controller, and Curly of the air forces in the French contingent. The task force even has ground troops, notably Delta Force. Hamada became their base of operations.

Village ambush

During one of their operations, Nomad Squadron and Shooter Squadron, led by Doug Robinson began raiding a village held by SRN forces, killing most of the militia ravaging the region and destroying their weapon depots, with the assistance of Dagger 3. However, the squadron witnesses a large explosion coming out of the village, prompting NATO to investigate the mysterious nuke.

Defending the base

Shortly afterward, Warwolf Squadron, Red Moon Squadron, and Lion Squadron were dispatched to protect Hamada from SRN forces. Just as they were about to take off, SRN MiG-21bis Fishbed aircraft shot down a KC-10 Extender, nearly killing them. Because of this, the squadron took off early along with Warwolf and engaged most of the MiGs threatening the base. Some jets even lured the SRN forces to the base which allowed allied groups to shoot them down, but the base's radar was later knocked offline, prompting Warwolf and the others to protect the base from further damage. Later, the squadrons engaged more SRN forces attacking an oil facility. The mission was successful and the SRN forces began to retreat, with the squadrons preventing a few of them escape. However, Major Illich is shot down in the process and is captured by rebel forces just as Nomad Squadron was about to rescue him.

Rescuing Illich

Following Illich's capture, NATO tracked him down to a nearby town and prepared a rescue operation, dispatching Nomad and Shooter Squadron with Delta Team units to the area. There, Shooter provided cover for Black Hawk helicopters deploying troops by killing most of the rebels occupying the war-torn area before the team arrived at their destination, a large building in which they believe Illich is captured. However, a T-55 tank began to attack them but Shooter destroyed it and cleared the way for the Delta team, only to find out he's not there and begin to find him. As Doug shoots down technicals and Mi-24 Helicopters attempting to reach the Delta team, a Delta squad later find Illich being taken by rebels to a nearby technical, and Robinson kills his captors before they escape. Shortly thereafter, Nomad 61 witnesses an SRN convoy preparing to leave town in a nearby village. Doug then begins to investigate, but unbeknownst to the squadron, one of the rebel trucks were carrying the same warhead they encountered earlier, which explodes. It is also revealed that Nomad even intercepted Russian advisors being involved in the situation, with Delta Force Sgt. Grinberg finding out that trucks were going south. The mission is still a success, and Nomad and Shooter returned to base.

Mogadiyu assault

Doug and Bishop later informed La Pointe about the radio messages from the settlement. They then looked at a map and realized that the only major location in the south was Mogadiyu, a mountainous region filled with ancient ruins where the SRN was hiding. Although Bishop realized that ground forces would be shredded by SRN forces in the ruins, Janice Rehl decided to use the AC-130U Spooky gunship to give aid to their troops, while Ivan Stagleishov backed his forces from performing the operation to prevent an international incident.

During the afternoon of December 23, Task Force 108 began to commence its operation. Warwolf Squadron cleared SAM sites before breaking off to engage SRN fighters chasing a civilian airliner, while Spooky 01 began their mission, destroying rebel vehicles and infantry in the valley down below. Nomad Squadron began deploying Delta Force troops in a nearby town and fight their way through rebel and mortar fire with the help of the AC-130. With all defenses destroyed, the Delta soldiers began to assault the storage site to carry out their mission, allowing the AC-130U to break off and destroy a nearby airfield along with several MiG fighters taking off.

The Delta team then emerged from the underground tunnels, having accomplished their mission but the allied helicopters were unexpectedly attacked by heavy anti-aircraft fire. Nomad 61 was forced to flee just as it sustained damage. The Nomad helicopters still began extraction of the Delta team before being forced to evacuate. In the midst of the firefight, however, Nomad 62 found out that Lt. Nicholas was left behind while searching for his men. He later emerged from the tunnels but found himself attacked by a small number of SRN vehicles that were later destroyed by Spooky, providing cover fire for him. Janice then agreed with D-Ray to use the AC-130's Fulton recovery system to rescue the lone lieutenant. Under heavy fire, Rehl deploys the "package" and attempts to snag the balloon only to miss. She tries once more and Nicholas is successfully recovered. With their mission complete, the team returns to base.

Carruth under attack

After successfully supporting Spooky on their mission, the Warwolf squadron prepared to return to base. However, Big Bear Squadron, led by Ivan Stagleishov, abruptly took off, nearly causing a collision. Kingmaster later informed that Carruth is under attack by SRN forces and that all available units are being scrambled. In the ensuing chaos, the Warwolf and Lion Squadrons began engaging a squadron of Fishbeds heading towards the base while on their way to the city. During the battle, Kingmaster informed Bishop to ask Stagleishov for a situation report. However, Stagleishov refused and claimed that they were headed toward their direction and ceased all contact with pilots, ambushing all squadrons. With no communication from the Russians, Bishop declared all Russian pilots to be hostile and shot down. After engaging most of the Big Bear Squadron, Stagleishov revealed that his betrayal was his own doing, without any external intervention.

A Su-35 with a shark's mouth painted on the nose, the same one from Bishop's nightmare quickly joined the fray, aiding Big Bear and the rest of the SRN squadron in destroying Warwolf Squadron. It first began pursuing Guts, but Bishop began to engage the enemy plane, saving Guts' life in the process. It turns out the pilot has a much more agile skill and almost instantly in the position behind Bishop. In the ensuing firefight, the pilot began to damage Bishop's plane but is unable to kill him when he is informed by Stagleishov to stand down as they are both low on fuel. Before leaving, he informs Bishop that he's "not good enough" to take him on. Bishop, having regained control of the plane, begins an emergency landing and is informed by La Pointe that his men were found dead prior to the attack and that Kingmaster's transmissions claiming that Carruth was being attacked actually came from Big Bear. La Pointe also reveals that Major Illich has also taken control of the remaining Russian loyalist pilots who refused to join Stagleishov. As Bishop landed back in the NATO base, his plane's landing gear began to malfunction and began to crash on the runway. He then got out of the crippled aircraft and witnessed the destruction of Carruth by a massive explosion orchestrated by Stagleishov and Blatnoi. The attack on Carruth was merely fake so Big Bear can betray Warwolf.


General Stagleishov's betrayal and the destruction of Carruth prompted Task Force 108 shifting the operation away from East Africa. The rest of the American squadron was later transported via Aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. La Pointe revealed that the Russian criminal organization Blatnoi was providing weapons to the rebels in Africa so they can gain material to the weapon Trinity. After seeing the results in Carruth, La Pointe briefed the squadron that the organization will attack Dubai in the same way, with the assumption of the organization continuing to conduct attacks to other vulnerable cities unless Dubai gave in to their demands. Although the Russian authorities have promised to stop Blatnoi, the NATO frankly believes they can't. The organization even corrupted the decorated Russian units in Africa, as it is presumed that Stagleishov and his men were involved with them, as well as a few African and foreign mercenaries. La Pointe began informing that the squadron will head to Dubai with the help of other NATO units and also revealed that there will be 2 objectives as well; the first one is to stop what was being planned in Dubai, while the other objective is to stop the Trinity weapons, believed to being transported on cargo ships. La Pointe then concluded that a British squadron and NATO units will provide additional support for them.

Assault on Dubai

Warwolf Squadron, along with the Royal Air Force and the United Arab Emirates Air Force soon went to defend Dubai from the Blatnoi. During the mission, the squadron was informed of a civilian aircraft attempting to land in Dubai carrying supplies, in which the plane nearly hit Bishop while he was chasing an enemy Su-33 Flanker-D. However, Bishop informed Guts to buy time for the plane to land while engaging the jet. In the ensuing battle, the squadron engaged enemy fighters between skyscrapers of the city, destroying them one by one over buildings. After destroying most of the fighters, they were being informed that a squadron of five Tu-95 bombers were approaching to bomb Dubai, believing that one of them is carrying Trinity. After destroying each of the five bombers, they were informed that a sixth bomber using a civilian identity has been detected in a residential area. Bishop then engaged the sixth bomber and destroyed it one by one. Although the attack on Dubai was stopped, there were no Trinity weapons deployed.

Suez Canal boarding operation

On the same day, Nomad Squadron and Shooter Squadron, along with 3 Navy SEAL Teams under the callsign Hammer, were deployed to raid three cargo ships in the Suez Canal in search of Trinity weapons. After ordering the Harman to shut down the engines, the SEAL team began raiding the ship in search of the weapons. However, a rebel soldier fired an RPG on one of the helicopters, forcing the Black Hawks and Apaches to provide cover for the SEALs.

The Black Hawks later proceeded to the canal where they destroyed several fishing boats and Nomad 61 deployed another SEAL team to the Victoria Express. Nomad and Shooter continued to provide cover fire for the SEAL team as they killed more rebel soldiers guarding the ship as they made their way toward the bridge. After the ship was free from SRN troops, the NATO helicopters still continued their assault on the canal, destroying more SRN fishing boats all while being saved by the combined attacks of D-Ray and Guns.

Later, SEAL Team Hammer 3, onboard another cargo ship Tasman Tridents, with Guns providing air support for them. Rebel forces used smoke to conceal themselves from the attack, though Nomad 61 and Shooter continued the assault on them, even bringing cranes and containers down to kill them once and for all. With all forces wiped out, anti-air weapons revealed themselves and began to open fire at them, even damaging the AH-64 of Shooter. Nomad 61 went circling around the ship as it panicked, but Guns managed to destroy the AAA. The SEAL team continued their assault on the ship, with Guns killing a rebel strike team to provide air support on the SEALs as they made their way to the bridge.

After Trident's deck was cleared of hostiles, 2 Blatnoi Mi-24 Hind Gunships began open fire and began a chase on Shooter and Nomad. Nomad 61 destroyed the first Hind as it flew over a freeway overpass but the second Hind continued the assault on Nomad, prompting 61 to continue the attack as Guns used the M134 to keep firing. However, the pilot of the Hind attempted to smash into Nomad 61 in a fit of anger; as the gunship began to kamikaze on the Black Hawk, Guns opened fire on the cockpit, killing the pilot and sending the helicopter down to Suez Canal.

Following the Hind skirmish, all Navy SEAL teams deployed green flares at the deck on the three container ships, signaling that they completed their mission. Though the mission was complete, no Trinity weapons were found aboard on the ships.

Formation of NRF

Back in the aircraft carrier, La Pointe revealed that the attacks on Dubai and Suez Canal were nothing but a distraction for Blatnoi so they can take over Russia in a coup d'état, forming the New Russian Federation all while conducting several Trinity attacks on Russian military bases. With Moscow now under control, several of their units were stationed in the Black Sea and Caucasus regions. One of the key people involved in the conspiracy is Andrei Markov, the same pilot that Warwolf encountered in Africa, also nicknamed "Akula" due to the shark mouth in his aircraft and even was awarded the honorary title "Hero of the Russian Federation" ten years ago for his flying skills. La Pointe pointed out that Task Force 108 will be assigned to a base at Volgograd working with loyal Russian forces to liberate NRF forces held there.

Battle of Derbent

The Warwolf Squadron was later dispatched to liberate Derbent from NRF control, who were occupying gas and pipelines a while ago. Working with Molot Squadron, they are assigned to provide air support to Tyuleni unit who were conducting a ground operation to liberate the city from there. The Warwolf and Molot squadrons engaged several NRF fighters and were later assigned to clear ground forces occupying the area so Tyuleni can get through. After a few airstrikes, Guts found himself under heavy fire by gun towers, forcing Bishop to assist him in destroying them, though the former was damaged in the process. Tyuleni began to land with their priority of taking the Caspian Gates, which was being used as an NRF stronghold. However, several Su-25TM Frogfoot began to join the battle. The Warwolf Squadron began clearing the Su-25s before destroying the fortress defenses so Tyuleni can liberate Derbent. With Derbent finally liberated from NRF control, Tyuleni requested Magic to alert the surface commander as they're not in direct contact. Markov then appeared in the distance and fired a cruise missile at Derbent before disengaging. Bishop soon recognized this and began to intercept the missile, but the destruction causes a massive explosion moments before it destroyed the fortress Tyuleni occupied. Bishop soon realized this and reported to Magic and Warwolf that the missile was a Trinity warhead before heading back to base.

Siege on Belyi Base

On January 3, 2016, Sova Squadron was transporting doctors and medicine for their wounded to Belyi Base, being escorted by Warwolf Squadron. However, the transports were unable to land due to the base being under attack by NRF forces. Several Su-27 fighters began to engage Warwolf, though the rest of the squadron needed to refuel while Bishop and Guts engaged the enemy. After the fighters were destroyed, Bishop and Guts began to assist Belyi while Molot Squadron provided cover for the transports. As Belyi came under heavy fire by a wave of NRF forces, Bishop and Guts destroyed armored personnel carriers, Anti-air guns, and tanks coming from both the north and south.

After the first wave of NRF ground forces is destroyed, several Su-34 and Su-25 attack aircraft began attacking the base. Bishop and Guts destroyed the remaining attack aircraft before being forced to refuel immediately.

Later, the NRF launched a second wave as the fuel crew tried to buy more time for Bishop and Guts to take off while trying to refuel their F-35 jets. As both aircraft were given the go-ahead to take off after refueling, Sova Squadron found themselves under heavy fire by Su-27 fighters as both Bishop and Guts helped assist them in trying to land safely. They continued their assault on the NRF anti-air forces as they tried to buy more time for the transports to land. With the final wave of NRF forces destroyed, Guts and Bishop returned back to base.

Operation Rescue Goose

Task Force 108 and Russian loyalist pilots, under callsign Molot and Varona, were later sent to the Black Sea to assist on a joint Navy SEAL and Spetsnaz operation to rescue the Russian Prime Minister, who was captured by NRF forces on his yacht and is sent to their fleet stationed there. While Molot began to engage the fighters, Bishop proceeded to attack the frigate towing the yacht, preventing it from reaching the fleet. He then began an attack run on the Admiral Aristov aircraft carrier, destroying most of the Russian jets about to take off just as a few of them already did. Bishop still continued his attack run on the carrier, destroying it in the process and cutting it in half before beginning an attack run on the Admiral Brasinsky cruiser. Upon realizing that the cruiser's Gatling guns are destroying the missiles, Bishop ordered the rest of the Warwolf, Molot, and Varona squadrons in a saturation attack to destroy the cruiser's Gatling guns at once. Bishop still continued the attack run on the fleet, destroying the cruiser along with its Corvette escorts.

Warwolf and the rest of the loyalists then began an attack run on the NRF hovercrafts as the Navy SEALs and Spetsnaz teams proceeded to HALO jump on the yacht. While SEALs and Spetsnaz were trying to find the Prime Minister after landing aboard the yacht, Bishop and the rest of the squadrons proceeded an attack run on the rest of the NRF fleet's corvettes, hovercrafts, and frigates, destroying them all. Zoya confirms them that the Prime Minister is found and rescued.

Magic then ordered Warwolf and the remaining squadrons to attack the last Russian cruiser, Admiral Nevzorov. However, Bishop realized that it was using the same technique the last cruiser did, allowing Magic to order the task force to launch a saturation attack on the cruiser. After the ship's Gatling guns are destroyed, along with a few defenses, Magic, under the recommendation of the Russian commander, ordered the squadron to stand down so he can give the captain a chance to surrender. Magic then ordered the captain of the flagship to cease attacking or be sunk but refused. Bishop and the rest of the group, under the order of the Russian commander, launched a final attack run on the cruiser, destroying it and ending the New Russian Federation Navy fleet.

Assault on ICBM Base

On January 10, 2016, a recon drone spotted Markov talking to Stagleishov on a New Russian Federation ICBM base over the Caucusus region, aware that they were planning a missile launch on an unknown target (presumably the US) just before the drone was shot down. In response to this, Razor 01, consisting of Janice Rehl and her co-pilot Finn were tasked with destroying the ICBM base. Prior to their mission, Illich was maintaining contact with Markov secretly, planning to betray NATO. Flying in a B-1 Lancer (or B-2 Spirit, depending on the player), the squadron needed to fly at low altitude to avoid the enemy radar through the canyons as well as through waypoints to extend their time limit. Magic then confirmed that the ICBM carriers were given the launch order, resulting in their waypoint to lose.

After avoiding enemy detection and making it on time, Finn was tasked with designating targets so the squadron can bomb them. Magic confirmed Razor that all targets must be destroyed on the first run and that there is no time for a second approach. Finn began launching the bombing run on the base's buildings and carriers to prevent the launch. While conducting bombing runs over the base, they were given word from Warwolf that they were on route to cover them before Magic confirmed that hostiles are on route. They still continued the attack runs on the base and were given confirmation by Warwolf that they are coming in their direction before the enemy can reach them. They then proceeded an attack on the third base and dodged an array of missiles attempting to hit them. After destroying the base, Magic confirmed that the bandits are identified as MiG-31 Foxhound interceptor aircraft and were heading their direction. The MiGs then reached firing range and began to chase down Razor 01 as they took evasive maneuvers, desperate for Warwolf to rescue them. Warwolf began to arrive on time and saved Razor from being shot down. Warwolf then continued to engage the MiGs while Razor proceeded to their next objective, targeting underground ICBM bases. They needed to use guided penetration bombs for the mission as they began targeting underground ICBM bases to prevent more missiles from launching along with destroying SAMs and defenses as they used flares to counter the missiles. Whilst bombing, Illich confirmed the squadron that he reported "mechanical failure" on his jet, leaving the rest of his squadron to join them. The squadron continued the attack run and destroyed the last underground ICBM bunker.

After all the bases are destroyed, the squadron began to head back home, only to find themselves under attack by more MiG-31 aircraft. Warwolf then engaged the remaining Foxhounds and fray of MiG-29 Fulcrums as they tried to escort Major Rehl's bomber to safety. While engaging the fighters, Magic confirmed that an ICBM truck has launched its missile, which is witnessed by Bishop. Bishop ordered his wingmen to escort the bomber while he and Guts began to pursue the missile and destroy it. Magic then confirmed that the missile was en route to strike the United States just as it was reaching an altitude of 50,000 and that bandits were attempting to prevent them from stopping the launch. Guts dealt with the bandits just as Bishop destroyed the missile before it can reach an altitude of 50,000 feet. With the mission complete, the squadron including Razor began to return back to base.

Liberation of Moscow

The Task Force's next goal was to liberate Moscow from the New Russian Federation, working with Russian loyalists to liberate the city. The NRF was still in possession of 3 Trinity weapons, now in the form of cruise missiles. The Warwolf Squadron will secure the airspace, Razor squadron led by Major Rehl will destroy the missile batteries in the north side of the city, while Doug Robinson and his helicopter squadron will support the allied loyalist Russian Army in the ground.

The Shooter Squadron and Osa Squadron assisted the Riga Battalion on their objective to retake Moscow. Doug and Shooter took out most of the enemy units over and under the bridge, then began destroying the units near Moscow Business Center and Kutuzovskiy Street. Riga then notified that the NRF have Hinds and Shooter 2 informed Doug that a few of them have took off. Doug still continued to destroy the NRF forces and a few Hinds that were threatening them. During the battle, Osa 3 was shot down, resulting in Riga 2 to secure the crash site.

Afterward, Doug and the rest of the squadron proceeded to take out mortars and rocket launchers as they continued to provide support to the Riga battalion. The squadron was later notified that another wave of forces, now with a demolition crew, were on their way to destroy Novoarbatsky Bridge. Doug then proceeded to destroy the NRF forces before they can destroy the bridge along with AA guns on rooftops, including a few NRF Hinds. While proceeding to support Riga 2, all while destroying more anti-air battalions on rooftops and ground units, several Su-25 Frogfoot entered the combat area and begin attacking the helicopters. They are later destroyed and shot down by Warwolf.

The battle moved to west Moscow where coup tanks, soldiers, and Shiika guns begin attacking Doug and the remaining loyalists.

Markov's remnant