Newfield Island is an island located off the northeast coast of Usea, southwest of North Point. Newfield is home to two populated areas, as well as Allenfort Air Base, a military airfield under the jurisdiction of the Independent States Allied Forces (ISAF).


Ulysses Impact Event[]

On July 3, 1999, Newfield was one of the many areas directly hit by a large fragment of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid as it made planetfall. The fragment decimated the inhabited area on the eastern face of the island, killing an undetermined number of people; however, due to the mountainous shape of the island, the western face of Newfield was saved from the impact. The impact site, later named Anderson Crater, became one of the most infamous Ulysses impact sites in Usea. A proposal was made to restore and rebuild the section of the island impacted by the asteroid, but the idea faced resistance by the Usean Geological Survey Institute.[3]

Continental War[]


Newfield Island as it appears in the book Aces at War: A History

Newfield Island became the site of an important engagement between the ISAF and Erusean forces during the Continental War. On September 19, 2004, Allenfort Air Base came under attack by a squadron of Erusean Tu-95 Bear bombers, which were attempting to strike the ISAF's North Point GHQ. ISAF fighters quickly scrambled to intercept the bombers and their fighter escorts; the ISAF fighters were ultimately victorious, temporarily averting the danger to ISAF's GHQ.[1]

Operation Katina[]

Sometime after the conclusion of the continental war, reconstruction efforts began at Anderson Crater. However, the reconstruction was temporarily halted when, in 2006, an armed extremist group calling themselves "Free Erusea" initiated a rebellion across the continent. ISAF's ace Mobius 1 helped to quell the rebellion, including shooting down Erusean fighters over Newfield Island.[2]