Newfield Island is a medium sized island in the Gulf of Saint Ark, in-between North Point and the Usean mainland. The island itself is governed by the county of Usea. The Island has a large city located on the south-eastern side, There are also multiple other living areas on the island. On the Northern tip of the island is Allen Fort Airbase, a major ISAF facility. The island itself is split in half by a chain of large hills and mountains covered with green forests. Off shore there are also several small uninhabited islands no more than a kilometer across each.

During the Ulysses Astroid Impacts in July of 1999, the city on Newfield suffered a direct hit, which destroyed much of the city. The crater left by the Ulysses Fragment is known as the Anderson Crater. Since then the island has been witness to several battles in the Usean Continental War.


Ulysses Impact

On Saturday, July 3rd, 1999 at exactly 03:30pm USEA Eastern Standard Time the Ulysses asteroid finally reached earth's vicinity. It then, unexpectedly split into more than a thousand pieces as it passed the Roche limit. Many of these Ulysses Fragments then plummeted to Earth. Although the Super Weapon Stonehenge was suppose to destroy the larger chucks of the asteroids Newfield was completely outside its firing range. One of the fragments made a direct hit onto the southern city on the island, completely annihilating it.

To this day the death toll can only be estimated to be in the thousands. Still thanks to the islands rugged geography most of the other parts of the island remained relatively unharmed. Since then reconstruction of the destroyed areas of the remaining Metropolitan and rural areas has been carried out. The world was also especially lucky that the asteroid fragment did not land in the nearby ocean and create a mega-tsunami. Had this happened the death toll would have easily risen into the millions and greatly expanded the devastated areas.

Operation: Umbrella

During the Usean Continental War in 2004, Newfield was the first line of defense for ISAF's GHQ (North Point). It was attacked by Erusean Tu-95 Bear bombers based at Rigley Air Base, a former ISAF facility, but the attack was thwarted by the 118th Tactical Fighter Wing of the ISAF. Allenfort Airbase survived the bombing raid, but the city on Newfield was bombarded by the Erusian Bombers.

Operation Katina

By the year 2006, reconstruction had begun within the Anderson Crater itself, with many large platforms being lined up within the water inside of the crater. Unfortunately during Operation Katina, Newfield Island was again attacked, this time by the "Free Erusian" forces. Mobius One, supported by AWACS Sky Eye, flew over Newfield, engaged and destroyed the Erusian Fighters and C-5 Galaxy transports, saving the island from any further bloodshed.

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